Thursday, April 22, 2010

The First Day of the Rest of My Life

I suppose I have joined the masses of people who blog about their lives. I can't keep up, but I am hoping I will have enough interesting things happen to me to keep the wheels turning.

The real reason I want to keep a personal blog is because I will be going to Wales (and other cool places) this summer, and a blog is the perfect way to document the experience for myself and those I love back home. I will be leaving early in July, so until then I will try to get the hang of blogging.

SUMMER. It is here for me. I finally finished Winter Semester, after going to school since Fall Semester 2008. Burnt out. I feel much like Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes) when I think about all the nothing I want to do this summer and how little time I have to accomplish it.

Things I want to do
1. Read. I have quite the list of books to tackle in the next 2 months. The first is the sequel to "The Hunger Games" - "Catching Fire".
2. Yoga. I have my own cool yoga mat, a living room perfect for a sunrise session, and a hot yoga instructor at my local Gold's.
3. Make solid use of my recently acquired Netflix account. I have already added a substantial number of movies and TV series to my queue. I just received "Gone with the Wind" in the mail after the harping of my office friends to watch it.
4. Cook. I am excited to reinstate "Treat Monday" in the LAO (Library Administration Office) and to learn how to cook lots of cool things. I found an awesome site and I'm constantly adding recipes to a list of things I want to make.
5. Laying by the pool. Obviously.
6. Softball/Baseball games.
7. Nintendo 64
8. Go to every local music show physically possible. I love them. Velour and Sammy's always deliver.
9. Make some bad decisions.
10. Sleep.

This is a pretty good list. It's making me antsy. I also need to plan my trip, but that'll come. I will continue to post about my plans for Wales and any other interesting things that happen to me. Long live the blog.

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