Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's a party in the L-A-O

As I prepare to leave for Wales (24 hours from RIGHT NOW!), I've been so overwhelmed with gratitude for the love my friends have shown me. I have literally been out every night with different people who wanted to hang out before I leave and I've been having the time of my life. Particularly, the people in my office have been great, so I wanted to express my appreciation for them and dedicate a post to my beloved LAO.

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I LOVE my job. I LOVE my office. I LOVE my coworkers. I am seriously the luckiest girl ever. Right out of high school I started interviewing for jobs on campus and was lucky enough to land a position as an Administrative Secretary in the Library Administration Office. I'm about to hit my 2 year mark working here and will probably be here another year, longer if I can swing it.The best part about the office is definitely the people. We seriously have so much fun. At any given time, the current staff is always cool overall, but usually includes a couple people that are weird or don't get along well with others. But right now our crew is LEGIT. It's the best ever. Everyone is cool, gets along, and stays updated on the lives of one another. As gay as it may sound, we're totally a family and support each other. We held down an entire table at Katie's reception and it was a riot.

In the past two weeks, Katie wrote a blog post about me that made me cry a little despite my heart of stone, Eliesa made me a Wales playlist, which I'm already wearing out. :) Christopher is lending me a zombie book to read on my flight. Dash hooked me up with a Sammy's run. Sushi/MST3K night with Patrick, Brandon, Chris and the Crew - just like old times, so nice. Early Monday Morning In-n-Out social with Ryan, Dallas, Kader and the Gang - just like old times, so fun. We partied up at the midnight Eclipse showing with Tiffany and the girls. And of course, plenty of time hanging out with my family, who I love more than anything.

Yesterday, we all went to Cocoa Bean (best dessert ever and our office's favorite place) and laughed for an hour straight. Topics of discussion included, but were not limited to, embarrassing stories, worst dates and craziest experiences. AND it was followed by a dance party in the parking lot, no big deal.

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