Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wales: Day 1

Today we got up and went to church in a tiny little college. I've never been to such a small ward, but it was awesome. The members were so dedicated. It was awesome. Plus the accent makes listening so much more fun. I was able to stay awake because I forced myself to stay up until about 10 pm on Saturday night so that I could get in a good night's sleep and kick my jet lag. Slowly but surely. :)

After church we ate a quick PB&J (a lunchtime staple) and then walked around Cardiff. This is a great city.

The facade of this chapel is made of stones from all over the world. It was my favorite church in Cardiff.

Downtown Cardiff is very urban and cool. Tons of chic shops, H&M, Topshop, department stores, and this awesome record store. It claims to be the oldest record store in Wales.

These used to be the Queen's Apartments when she would come stay in Wales. Now it's a baby Gap. Little bit different haha. But beautiful. These are right in downtown. It's so incredible to see these older buildings incorporated into modern districts. I really love it.

I was super tired, but Cardiff was beautiful and I am so lucky to be here. :) Sorry it took so long to get these up! Hopefully I can catch up quickly and stay up to date. Love you all!

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  1. Awesome. Keep the posts coming.