Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wales: Day 14 Very Caerphilly

I am getting too far behind on these posts. My apologies. I will try to get a few up tonight, because tomorrow through Sunday are crazy, crazy days. These may be short and mainly photos, but who wants to hear me ramble anyways?

On Saturday (July 17), we hit up 2 castles and a museum, then called it an early evening, which is always nice. :)

First was Caerphilly. It is the largest castle in Wales and the 2nd/3rd largest in Britain behind Dover and sometimes Windsor (hotly contested). I really liked it. The waterwork defenses were particularly cool, and you guys know how I love my moats.

The Great Hall was pretty cool too, and we enjoyed hanging out in there. It was an unusually cold day for Wales, so the shelter was welcomed.

Next we went to another castle preserved by Lord Gilbert de Clare - Castell Coch. This castle is known for being a typical or stylized Medieval or even fairytale castle. It's very cute and caters to kids and younger groups.

The interior design mimicks the 15 and 16th Centuries in various rooms and is very cool.

After the castles, we went to Tesco for food and then to the National Museum of Wales. There we went through exhibits about the physical and social history of Wales, which was cool. Going to so many museums and exhibits makes me appreciate the good ones and learn what to look for and what to pass by. I'm lucky to get to see so much cool stuff. This is a reindeer! A real-live (dead), Night Before XMas Rudolph!


  1. That castle is HUGE! Jeal!

  2. I LOVE ALL THE CASTLE PICS! My gosh Danica, you cultured woman... I love and miss you!