Friday, December 31, 2010

Wales: Day 36 Last Sabbath

Sunday, August 8, I woke up exhausted, again. Relieved to be home with good internet access again, I had stayed up far too late on Saturday night. If it wasn't our last Sunday in Cardiff I don't know if I would have been able to get up and endure 3 hours of bizarre church, not to mention the 25 minute walk in the rain. This Sunday we only repeated 1 hymn, which was a record low. Despite the craziness of the Coleg Glan Hafren ward, I had grown to love it. It was eccentric, loud, unorthodox and just random, but it was still the Church. Those members had more dedication and stronger testimonies than I do, and it was really poignant for me to realize that. How often do I cop out of Church and more especially Relief Society simply because I don't feel like it? Or I'm tired, have homework, don't like it, a million other reasons. It's so easy to find reasons NOT to do the right things. The only reason you really need to do the right things is that the Gospel is real and was restored, right? And it's high time for my life to reflect that.

After church I crashed. I slept for over 4 hours. Just passed out. I woke up, made dinner with the girls, updated my blog and hung out for a while before heading over to 57 for the evening. We played Mafia, which I had never played before. Everyone draws a card, and your draw indicates your role in the game.
  • Kings/Queens - Mafia. You decide who to kill.
  • Jacks/Jokers - Detectives. You find out who is the Mafia and kill them off.
  • Aces - Angels. You can intervene and keep Mafia from killing others.
  • Numbers - Townspeople. You are basically innocent and just hang out and enjoy the game.
The narrator controls the pace of the game and makes everyone close their eyes and then activate to decide who to accuse, kill, save, etc. We played like 6 rounds (several hours) and it was AWESOME. I loved it. Its very mental and analytical, and plenty of opportunity for argument and trash-talking. Clearly the game for me.

Anders took us home around 1 am and I chatted online with friends until about 2 and then headed to bed. Such a great last Sunday for us.

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