Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wales: Day 40 First Day of the Rest of My Boring Life

Thursday, August 12. Even though this day was fine, in contrast with the best day of my life it just seemed so dull. I slept until about 2 pm, exhausted from a long day of walking all over London and getting home so late. I got up, wasted some time, pretended to work on my textbook, wasted some more time (seriously, the idea that I would be home in 3 days was a little too much for me to be able to focus), and then showered and got ready.

Gillian and I walked down to Tesco for baguettes and cream cheese, and then to Blockbuster to rent The Ring for movie night at 57. I am not sure I've said anything about the Blockbusters here, but they are HILARIOUS. Twilight was featured in the "Horror" section. They had no kind of cataloging system or record of what they had or was rented out. They would have 10 copies of some DVDs and then tiny collections of drama or comedy films. We just enjoyed our time in there. Anyway, they somehow had The Ring, which we wanted to rent because Gillian, Anders and Anna hadn't seen it, so we faked our residency to get a Blockbuster card (I still have it. Treasure) and rented it.

We headed over to 57 around 8 pm with the movie, blankets and treats. We pulled extra mattresses into the living room, circled the couches and chairs and settled in for scary movie night. It was fantastic. Everyone was screaming and freaking out. Just what scary movie night should be.

Anders took us home around 12:30 am and ended up coming in and hanging out with us for a couple hours. We did some solid facebook stalking (yeah, if you're reading this we probably stalked you too), had deep and meaningful conversations and laughed until 3 am when Jennifer came out and reminded us that people were sleeping and leaving at 6 am for their flights home. Kind of made us sad to realize that it was ending. It was pretty evenly split between people going home Friday and Saturday, but as I was leaving Saturday I hadn't thought too much about actually saying goodbye and getting ready to leave.

You guys would have been so proud of me. I set my alarm for 11:30 am so I would get a nice 8 hours and not oversleep because I had so much homework and packing to do, and then crashed into bed.

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