Monday, October 31, 2011

You're the One that I Want

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I LOVE it. There's just something about planning and executing great outfits that I've always loved, and Halloween takes it to the max with fantasy and costume. I love planning each detail of my costume and the awesome parties that cannot be matched at any other time of year.

Halloween in college is one-of-a-kind. There is no end to the costume dance parties all over the valley. You have the unique opportunity to dress up for upwards of 4 dance parties, maybe a ward Halloween party, even school if you're THAT student. I love it.

Friday we attended a great party at my friend Katie's house, and today at school I'm a blonde Hermione. Party at the Holdaway's to follow. I love today.

So, following Katie's suit, I'm sharing a few of the past Halloween costumes I've donned for this most festive of holidays. Enjoy!

Danny & Sandy from Grease (this year)

With my girls

The Devil (sophomore year)

Greek Goddess meets President Obama (Freshman year)

This last photo may be my favorite. It inspired many cartoons by my friends Collin, Austin and Spencer. I'm famous.

Happy Halloween!

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