Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Put the "It" in "Fitness"

I let my Gold's Gym pass expire. I used to hit the gym all the time and I loved it. Especially going to Jim's (silver fox) yoga class in Orem. However, once I started dating The Beard my free time pretty much disappeared. No complaints here. I actually ate better and less, because I had to. I played some intramural soccer and city rec. slowpitch, which is fun. (Anyone playing any sports give me call. I'm dece.)

Once I started teaching my daily stress level rose a little, and I was having trouble sleeping. I knew I would feel better if I exercised, but I never wanted to go to the gym. I can't risk running into weird people from my ward and high school, god forbid any students. But something had to be done. I hate running, by the way. So not an option.

I had set up our Wii and played a few rounds of Just Dance since we'd moved in, and I was slowly becoming addicted to it. Problem solved. Just Dance has a function for fitness called "Just Sweat." It tracks your calories burnt and sets you up for a weeklong program with an intensity of your choosing. Yahtzee..

So here's my daily routine. I know you're dying to hear it. I do school, stay only as long as I absolutely need to, then come home and immediately change into my yoga pants. I Just Dance it up, without shame, sucking down water and panting, until my husband comes home from work and laughs at me. Every day. Then I quickly pretend like I'm not 14 and run into the kitchen to start dinner. Some days if I feel like being an adult I'll do the yoga app session that comes with my DVD player. But lets be honest. Who picks yoga over this? (Also picture me doing this furiously, alone in my living room. 22 years of age.)

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i love this more than anything.