Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Let's Get Down(ton)

I succumbed. I was finally seduced by the hype of the illustrious "Downton Abbey." I think I expected it to be much better because of said hype, but I enjoyed it.

Reasons Why You Should Watch Downton Abbey:
  1. Season 1 is on demand on Netflix. This is great because you can knock out the entire season in one weekend like I did. Much preferred. Season 2 concluded on TV this past Sunday, so hopefully we'll see that up on Netflix in a month or so, as it's already on DVD somehow. [Magic.]
  2. You will hate more people than you like on this show, but somehow still love it. I found myself cursing at the screen constantly, "Mrs. O'Brien! You little *(^%%$!!!!" and "I can't believe Thomas is such a *^*&9!"
  3. One of my teacher friends commented "You just feel smarter when you watch it." Agreed.
  4. Oh, you love bodices AND flapper style? What a coincidence.
  5. Unrequited love, the likes of which hasn't been seen since Jim and Pam. I'm an unabashed "shipper."
Until I can watch Season 2 on PBS or Netflix, I'm kind of looking for something new (in addition to Psych, which we recently started watching casually). Suggestions would be appreciated. Otherwise I'll be forced to continue watching old Reno 911 and Gossip Girl episodes until my IQ dissipates irreversibly.

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