Monday, July 30, 2012

Kick the Bucket (List)

During the last couple of weeks of school, while my kids were diligently working on their final projects, I started compiling the perfect summer bucket list. I scoured the internet, recalled past fun summers and searched pinboards.

Unfortunately the summer is 2/3 over, and I haven't even scratched 1/3 of the items. Help?

Some of the items - stargazing, picnic, and camping will hopefully be accomplished this week on a camping trip with the Findeises. I know. I'm as surprised as you are.

I have less than a month to finish off the rest of the list.

  • Swimming at the Res
  • Provo River Trail (non-raping hours)
  • Temple Square
  • Hogle Zoo
  • Clark Planetarium
  • Feed ducks
  • Try tennis
  • Visit Art Museums
  • Free concerts
  • Sunrise Yoga
  • Tour State Capital
  • Try a new temple
  • Hike the Y (any takers?)
  • Bike Ride
  • Burraston Ponds
  • Lagoon!
  • Midnight food run at the hospital. What's up Oreo shake?!
  • Gilgal Sculpture Garden
  • Try a crazy new restaurant. I'm thinking ethnic.
  • "This is the Place" Monument
  • Red Butte Garden
  • Drive-in Movie
  • Living Planet Aquarium
  • Tracy Aviary
  • Rock climbing (Ashby's?)
  • City Creek
  • Keys on Main


  1. I volunteer for: try tennis (played in HS), art museums, free concerts (rooftop concert series?!), tour state capital, new temple (we still haven't been to Oqqqqquiiirrraahhh (no idea how to spell that. just know there's lot of weird letters that don't look like they spell oh-kur) mountain, hike the Y, bike ride, lagoon, new restaurant, drive-in movie, tracy aviary, rock climbing and city creek.

    so.... that's at least half. probably more. call me, maybe? (jk. i hate that song. hahaha)

  2. Erin is coming this weekend and we are all going to lagoon on friday - you guys come!

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  4. I just went to the aquarium a couple weeks ago- loved it! Even though they've been advertising shark pups and when we asked about them the employee just gave us a blank stare... lame.

    Also, I'm rather pleased that we posted our bucket lists on the same day.

    Also also, I deleted my comment to edit it but now it embarrassingly shows that I deleted my comment. Needless to say I am embarrassed. (see previous sentence)