Friday, October 19, 2012

Sometimes, Always, Never - Transitional Clothing

What?! A "Sometimes, Always, Never"!!!!!! I've been patiently waiting, hoping and praying that Danica will post another entry in the mean, elitist, judgy series!

You wish is my command.

This week I have been turning over my closet from warm to cold. Shorts have been folded neatly. Open toe wedges are walking their way to the back room. Florals are awaiting decision. It's been on my mind for over a week, and it's still not done.

So without further ado, our Sometimes, Always, Never:


Florals need to be handled on a case-by-case basis. Ask yourself a few questions

  1. Are the colors dark or moody overall? (Think black, blue, dark reds or greens, grays and other neutrals. See right) If they are, that's easy to wear all winter. Pair with dark tights, sweaters and boots. Yahtzee. 
  2. Is the fabric thin or heavy? If it's a thin, lightweight fabric, be careful. If you can tell it's supposed to be worn on it's own on a warm summer picnic day - stash it. If it's a blouse or thicker fabric, again, pair with a sweater, scarf or tights. 
  3. What is the style of the garment? If it's both floral and a tank top, sorry. It's screaming SUMMERTIME. Stash. **For example** I have a black floral maxi. It's dark, but since it's both floral and a maxi (designed for beachy summertime) I stash it until spring. Other maxis are great for winter... but they are dark solids paired with sweaters and scarves. Kapish? (see below)

 Everyone knows the whites-after-labor-day rule has been thrown out. Still, be wary. A white-on-white ensemble makes you look a LITTLE bit like the Queen of Narnia. Pair multiple whites with neutrals. I'm loving this white/camel from A Piece of Toast this week. Super fresh, right? But take it easy with the circus tent cardigans... ok?


Skirts and dresses don't have to move to the storage closet just because they are short. Pair them with a richly colored legging or tight - try oxblood, gray or mustard for some punch. 

Bright colors seem destined for sunny days and outdoor events, but don't rule them out. I posted this picture for Anti-Bully Day (we all wore orange) with my bright shift, cardi and loafers, but it's one of my fave outfits for winter paired with black tights and flat black boots. (See the photo below mine for a less sleepy, more glamorous outfit.) Pare down the bright colors with neutrals. It makes those snowy days less depressing. 


Linen is a lightweight, breathable fabric meant for heat. We're all looking at your wind-vulnerable linen pants and laughing. 

How about we just stash ALL of those booty shorts until April? That way there's absolutely NO CHANCE you'll end up pairing them with Ugg boots even by mistake. 

In Utah, you simply cannot walk around with bare legs in winter. Tights are necessary. Seeing your tight-seam and your un-pedicured toes because you are wearing open-toed shoes is 100% ATROCIOUS. 

Mid-calf boots make everyone look disgusting. Just because a 90 lb model wears one does NOT, I repeat, DOES NOT mean it's going to look good on you. Sorry. It hits at the widest part of your calf. It's just common sense, ladies. 

Go for ankle, just below or just above the knee. Please. 

So there you have it! Good luck turning over your closets and may the fashion force be with you. 


  1. I was totally one of these people longing for a Sometimes, Always, Never post:) So glad I got one!

  2. Love this! haha especially the jean skirt with Uggs. Guess I can't wear that anymore! Dang.

  3. This is great, I love how the the uggs are crossed out. Couldn't agree with you more. Thanks for the tips!

    The Broadcloth