Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: The Year of Bad Decisions

Ok, it won't really be the year of bad decisions. That's just one of the Beard's favorite phrases.

Nearly every year I have a breakdown around New Years. It's the Type A planner's cross to bear. A whole new year to plan, a blank calendar, far too many unanswered questions, far too many possibilities.

I bought a new planner. All the blank pages freak me out. I find myself trying to put at least SOMETHING on each page. The unknown freaking KILLS me.

This year could be big for us. Who knows. We could be in the same spot doing the same thing a year from now. But I hope we're not.

Things are awesome right now, and we are super lucky. Life is so fun, we have great jobs and the best puppy in the entire world. So I definitely don't mean to sound ungrateful.

We are just excited to figure things out. Things just haven't felt REAL yet, and we want them to.

And that's our New Years Resolution - by this time next year, we'll have everything figured out and be REAL.

My fingers are crossed that we'll be on Mission Beach in San Diego.

The Beard hopes that it will be with his feet up on a desk in Fenway Park.

I guess that's the fun and scary thing about a generalized, open-ended resolution. We have no idea what or where or how it could happen.

That's where faith and hope and all that jazz come in. We'll go where you want us to go, dear Lord.

As long as that place has no snow.

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  1. Big changes!! I'll cross my fingers for you guys, sounds like an awesome adventure!! :)