Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Workout Wednesday: Zombie Chase!

Look at these regular posts you guys! It's amazing what not having a full time job can do for your blogging life. Being a teacher is pretty cool sometimes.

Workout Wednesday is back in full force and you know why? The Zombie Chase. On Saturday, me, my sister-in-law Haley and some of our friends will be running the Zombie Chase 5K through the ghost town/obstacle course in Eureka. The run goes through buildings, zombie traps, rope courses and a paintball shooting finale - all under the light of a luminous full moon. (If you want to run with us - slowly - there's still space! Sign up for the 10 pm wave and email me so we can meet up!)

That's pretty much the only thing that can entice me to run. At all. Like any sane person, I hate running. I'm so bad at it. I play sports, it's true. But when I get on a treadmill I seriously can't even run a mile. So I'm counting on my adrenaline and my competitive nature to get me through this.

To prepare, I finally downloaded Zombies! Run on my iPhone. In a word (2 words): WORTH IT. It is so much fun. Never in my life have I TRIED to find time to run. Each day I download a mission, in my role as Runner 5. It might be a routine run for supplies or to save a lost child - the story plays between the songs of my selected playlist. As you run you collect supplies and you build up your base after your run. Sometimes during a song you'll hear "ZOMBIES DETECTED 50 METERS" and it beeps until you evade them.

So picture this. Danica. Laboriously jogging at an embarrassing pace on a treadmill at a busy Gold's Gym. All of a sudden she lets out a short low "OH!" and turns up the speed to an all out sprint. "Come onnnnnnn Come onnnnnnnnn" she spurts between pants. Finally a "Yessssssss!" and she's down to a walk, red-faced and hyperventilating. 

Because that's what I accidentally did the first time I tried it. I was so into it I completely lost awareness that I was in a gym, surrounded by bros and old ladies.


Since then I've been running outside. I've taken Glen Coco with me twice, and it's over.

Time #1 - Joy

Little kids, puppies and birds to chase? THIS IS THE LIFE

Time #2 - Heat Stroke/Defiance

We cut this run short, obviously because SOMEONE decided to just let the Zombies eat us. If you noticed how show my pace was on the iPhone screen above it's because after coaxing him into a sprint to evade a zombie horde, in 90 degree heat, when he desperately needs a haircut, I allowed him a much needed walk and then he gave up. Sorry, Abel Township. That child is not getting rescued.


  1. Glen Coco is so freaking cute! Also, that Zombie Run app seems pretty cool! What a great way to use a fad to inspire people to run!

  2. I already love running, but I feel like that app is a total life changer haha! Way too funny and clever.

  3. Alright I'm not into the whole Zombie thing (gasp)(mostly because I'm a scaredy pants) but this app sounds so awesome!! I could definitely see why it works! Also, this post was absolutely hilarious and written so well. :)