Monday, July 22, 2013

2 Years and Code Red

Two Years!!! It's like a marriage mission. How quickly went by gives me hope that the next two (while Mitch is gone) will go by just as quickly!

Yesterday we were at the Holdaway's for Sunday dinner and envelope stuffing (3 weeks until Haley & Chris tie the knot!), and we got talking about when The Beard and I were pre-dating.

Pre-dating: adj. stage of romantic interest, basically dating, often unofficial or secret.

The Beard was very secretive about me and I was in Wales at the time, so no one knew about me except a few of his closest friends. The night his family found out about me contains one of the best Ryan/Danica stories of all time. So the Beard went through his email and found the email he sent me that night to give me a good laugh - enjoy!


Remember how I mentioned that the family found out you exist last
night? {We were talking on gchat when Haley came down to get him for dinner} I'll recap how this went down:

Haley: so who was that on the phone?
Ryan: don't know what you're talking about.
Haley: yes you do. That girl. Who was that girl.
Ryan: you're crazy. There was no girl. Please pass the lemonade.


Mom: so Ryan. Seriously. Lets talk about your dating life. Obviously
you don't have a girlfriend. Are you dating? Is there any girls in
your life? What's up?

Haley: well he was on the phone with a girl earlier and won't tell me
anything about it

Mom: who was it? Fess up!

Ryan: well... Actually... There kind of is someone. But she's in the
UK right now.

Mom: wait. Manchester, England?

Ryan: Near there. Yes.

Dad: oh my hell. We aren't going down THAT road again are we. {Reference to a crazy ex-girlfriend serving her mission in Manchester at the time}

Mom: she's not a Ginger is she?

Ryan: nope. She's a blonde.

Mom: she's not high maintenance is she?

Ryan: nope. She's cool. All my frens really like here

Haley: uh oh. CB?

Mom. What's CB?

Ryan: actually no. They've been cool
About it. And don't worry about it.

Mom. What's her name? Where does
She work? Does she want lots of grandbabies?

Ryan: this conversation is over.

So. Then tonight I was sitting in the living room facetiming with Tom
and the whole fam walked in. Tom and I had been talking about how Todd
has a girlfriend now and Tom said "you TOTALLY need to date Danica
this fall so we can go on triple dates broooo!" (we may or may not
have talked about you a few minutes earlier). Anywho at that point my
mom walks around the corner and says "Oh. Are we talking about Danica
Anne Budge? She went to Stonehenge. She has a blog. She went to the
pride and prejudice house and acted out the wedding scene!..."

Needless to say I hung up on Tom and. Freaked. Out.

Just so you know. My mom has now facebook stalked you extensively and
may or may not try to contact you. I apologize in advance.

PS. That profile pic of you at Stonehenge was a dead giveaway.


Pretty good right?  Hard to top that. That was 3 years ago. When I got home a few weeks later, we started officially dating. I finally met Kitty (my mother-in-law) and the whole gang in November. We were engaged in May, married in July and here we are 2 years later. Our marriage is continually improving and we still love sitting on the couch and watching Netflix for hours and making fun of people on the internet together.

Here's to many more. :)


  1. this is freakin adorable. i love you guys.

  2. love it - happy anniversary gf!

  3. Congrats Danica and Ryan!! Happy Anniversary!