Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Bridal Shower & Honey Lemon Designs

Last week I had the opportunity to throw a bridal shower for my cute SIL Haley! She's getting married August 9th and I'm so excited! I love weddings.

Pinterest pretty much planned this one for me - Tiffany Blue Lemonade (Blue Raspberry Kool-Aid, Pina-Colada mix and Country Time lemonade), Cake Pops, He Said/She Said and spa-related favors.

 Even a makeshift photobooth!

Fun Anecdote: I was getting a ton of party stuff at the dollar store and the checkout girl is like

"Oh are you having a party?"

"Bridal Shower, yeah."

*She keeps checking me out, I'm just chillin*

"Ummm....?" She holds up the plastic ninja sword I got for the photobooth. "Bridal Shower?"

"Ohhhh. Haha yeah... It's a photobooth prop...."

*scrunches her brow and nods skeptically*

My cute friend Lisa over at Honey Lemon Designs made this adorable print for me to display at the shower and give to Haley for a decoration!

She was great to work with and went through 3-4 drafts to allow me the customization I wanted. She had it completed and shipped to me lightning fast so I had it for the shower on Thursday. I'm planning a giveaway with her for my birthday in October - so get excited for that!

Check out her etsy store for tons of cute prints (it will take you 2 seconds to see all the Star Wars prints and realize why I love this girl).


  1. I'm so glad that you and Lisa are now friends! She's great, isn't she!?!?!
    Our Fairy Tale

  2. I'm so glad you got those prints made! Friend fail. I owe you a cupcake.