Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How to Dress to Avoid a Nursery Calling and Q&A

It was our first Sunday in our new ward - or so we thought. I was excited. I got all dressed up - my game plan being that they would think (accurately) that I was vain and pretentious and a terrible choice for Nursery. Yet, the second we sat down, a member of the bishopric beelines over to us and after hearing where we live says abruptly "Oh this is the wrong ward." Okkkkkkkk. Well I successfully dodged nursery for at least one week, right?

So enough about avoiding divinely inspired callings. My cute friend Dany tagged me in a Q&A, which I always love. I can blog without having to think too hard about it. Check out her blog for cute stories and great beauty posts.

/favorite song off the top of your head, and provide a link if you can!

Right now... probably Second Chance by Peter Bjorn and John. It was a great packing/moving/driving song and I've listened to it probably 1000x in the last 2 weeks. Don't let the weirdo music video turn you off. Close your eyes if you have to.

/who do you look up to most, and why?

I actually look DOWN to this person, in more ways than one. She is younger and shorter than me, but my sister-in-law Haley is already as good a person as I can hope to become. She's so warm and kind - people just love her. She's is such a good person and her testimony is so visible in the way she lives her life. She's responsible and mature, way better with kids and old people than I am. She is so beautiful and fun, which is why everyone, girls and boys alike just want to be around her. I want to copy her optimism, charity and general attitude. Lucky for us, she's engaged to a guy we love and we get to double with them weekly now. :)
//if you could change one thing that has happened to you, what would it be & why?

Happened to me - meaning I had no control? Most of what I regret is stupid decisions I've made, but I'd say probably getting the job in Mapleton. They gave the job to the intern who had taught that grade level all year - which makes sense. I just think sometimes about if I'd been given that job and we'd had another year in Mapleton to take it easy, have easy jobs, save money and figure life out. 

//what is your favorite memory?

This doesn't sound all that special, but I love it because it's when we both kind of started to realize we loved each other. A few weeks after The Beard and I started "officially" dating (but really we were still just hanging out), he turned to me one night when we were hanging on the couch watching The Office no doubt, and said "Ok. I'm taking you on a real date Friday night. Wear something nice." I think I smiled every second until he came to pick me up that Friday night. He's put on a nice shirt and his "fancy" jeans and HE HAD EVEN SHAVED HIS SCRUFF (this is pre-full-always-beard days) OMG. He took me to our favorite little Italian place - La Dolce Vita in Provo, then to see Easy A. We ended the night just laughing and talking until way past Honor Code hours. I'm pretty sure I smiled for about a week afterwards.

//spillllll - what's your guilty pleasure?

Crunching Wint-O-Green Mints. Again, Dany knows about this one. I used to go through literally a hundred a day. I'm falling back into it again lately. I smell minty and delicious all the time, but my jaw is aching. 

//any beauty secrets that you're currently loving?

It's way too hot to wear melty, thick makeup, so my thing lately has been a super light layer of moisturizer and a very light dusting of loose powder foundation. Streak free, Holmes!!!

//most embarrassing moment

Oh easy. Dany was even there for this one. The National Anthem Incident of 2008. The girl who was supposed to sing it didn't show up, so my coach asked me to sing it. Don't know why. I said, "Sure, why not?!!" because I was the team clown/goofy/attention hungry probably. I forgot the words approximately 2 seconds in, due to the pterodactyls in my stomach. So I did what any rational, self-possessed teenager would do - lower your volume and mumble until you remember it. Classic way to honor our Beautiful America. I'm sorry Uncle Sam. 

//favorite thing about YOURself - gloat as you may, we love you no matter what!

I hope I have a good sense of humor and a quick wit. I really like being funny. That means more to me than anything else. That's what I really want to be described as when people say "What's Danica like?" "Funny." But not "Funny LOOKING." Gotcha Dad. We all know you were thinking it. 



  1. my husband first told me he loved me WHILE we were watching the office. hahaha too similar

  2. Love this D! I do recall the National Anthem - which wasn't embarrassing AT ALL! I also remember the mints, every time I was in your car, there would be bags upon bags in the back seat! I miss those days! Love you, and thank you for posting!