Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why I'm Basically Lizzie McGuire

It started when I retweeted a Buzzfeed list about what we can learn from Lizzie McGuire and Aaron Carter favorited it and followed me. Sure, maybe it's a semi-bot account and he follows everyone. But I'm still starstruck by the guy who beat Shaq.

How this video only has one million views beats me.

So when I saw a pin on Pinterest linking to the full episodes, naturally I spent several afternoons watching them and reliving my preteen summers. The Beard was not impressed.

My favorite part? Her hairstyles. I was REALLY into hairstyles - when you have a fully stocked salon in your house it makes Lizzie McGuire hair actually possible. I kid you not, I had a notebook with sketches of different hairstyles in case I ever ran out of a "new" do for school. Don't believe me? Get excited because Patti Budge was a scrapbooker so I have evidence.

Classy Twists 'n' Buns for the Christmas Dance

 Check out those stylish twin messy buns, Santa! Lookin' fresh with buns & braces

Crimped my hair 2/5 school days per week, minimum

My first crush, stud of our school Michael Bate once turned to me in the middle of science, those brown eyes and freckles making me forget the phases of the moon we were memorizing, and asked "Do you have a different hairstyle for every day?"

Yes I do Mike Bate. Gotta keep those Springville Middle School kids impressed.  P.S. you're gonna be my boyfriend and we're gonna be the IT couple until our dramatic breakup in junior high. Get ready.

Thanks, Lizzie.


  1. hahahaha! You're amazing. I haven't watched lizzie in FOREVER! BUT I have recently re-seen the movie, so that sorta counts.

  2. Jealous. I tried every Lizzie-inspired hairstyle I could and never pulled it off like you did. I'm so glad Lizzie prepared us for real life.

  3. That was the ultimate show growing up. I probably knew every episode by heart. I currently own two different Lizzie episode dvds. And the Lizzie McGuire movie, of course. I was obsessed with her outfits. You sure pulled off her hair well! We definitely would have been friends in middle school.

  4. I always wondered what happened with you and Mike... I knew it was an intense break up, but my pre-teen heart still wants to know why!! :)