Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back To School Shopping List

Business Time - Our Back To School Winner is Victoria!!! Please email me at dholdy{at}gmail{dot}com so we can get it to you! :)

I'm back in meetings today!! I've really missed dressing up. Sure, wearing nothing but yoga pants and Star Wars t-shirts for 3 weeks in a row is pretty awesome. But my poor closet is in neglect. I'm really excited to get back to planning my outfits and shaking things up. These little punks see me 180 days, nearly in a row, so it's awesome for stretching your wardrobe. Will they care if I wear the same thing twice? No. But I WILL! I try hard to not be an "outfit-repeater." This means I have to look for pieces that are easily re-mixable. And appropriate for a junior high teacher, obvs.

Lately, any shopping I'm doing is focused around pieces that will build my "professional" wardrobe. For example, I think I might try the boyfriend jean/graphic tee/statement jewels look, but it's not at the top of my list because it isn't something I can wear to school. I'm still working on my back to school shopping list, but I thought I'd share what I'm going for in my wardrobe this year:

A-Line Skirts - I bought two (I highly recommend the Midi from ASOS) and I seriously might buy 10 more. They are awesome. Comfy, professional and flattering to those of us with "thunder thighs." I prefer the term "thick-a-licious thighs" but probably no one else does.

Dressing up Maxis - I love maxis. So much. You all know this. Beachy prints and t-shirts don't dress them up enough for school, however. I bought a printed skinny belt 3-pack at Forever 21 a few months ago and I got a couple new button-downs so I can recreate looks like these:

Fun Dress Pants - Sure, I have the classic black, but I broke out this time and got a fancy red flare dress pant. Red is my favorite color and it's basically a neutral in my wardrobe of blacks and grays so I'm really excited about finding new combos.

Colored Blazers - I have a bit of a blazer problem. Well, no. I actually just have a bit of a SPACE problem. Blazers are amazing for teachers, throw them on over almost anything and BAM you're done. I have every neutral color and a red, but what I've really been fantasizing about is the perfect hot pink blazer. On my list since about May.

Printed Pencils - My stretchy striped pencil from Old Navy is worn almost every week. Love it. I also got a floral pencil skirt from Gap and an aztec-print from Urban Outfitters. Perfect for print-mixing!

{All images via Pinterest}

For those of you who have to dress up for your jobs - what do you guys wear? Where are your favorite places to shop for professional attire?


  1. Okay, I don't have to dress up for work... I usually am in yoga pants these days. BUT I am LOVING the Loft and the Limited's fall lines right now. I want everything in both of those stores.

  2. you are my fashion inspriation. i need your outfit posts to be more regularly, and i need you to come shopping with me. my wardrobe for work is "business casual" - i still tend to get away with skinny jeans, but i want some high waisted flare trousers and a blazer and a printed pencil skirt now. so... help me.

  3. i want some colored dress pants too. freat idea. and one of those ASOS skirts.