Friday, October 4, 2013

Who I Am Today

These have been floating around the interwebs and I love them. I think they provide such a cool snapshot of a moment in time. So this is me, right now:

Making: progress on my Masters program - 1 course down!

Cooking: copycat recipes of my favorite foods - Slab's Rosemary Potato Bacon Pizza, Beto's California Burrito and my mom's Chili & Scones

Drinking: too much Diet Coke, and surprisingly, chocolate milk

Changing: into Victoria's Secret PINK sweats the second I walk in the door after school

Reading: "The Dinner" by Herman Koch, and getting bored. Not as good as "Gone Girl"

Wanting: oversized plaid button-downs and black ankle booties

Looking: at houses and apartments online, even though our lease is through March

Playing: too much Candy Crush

Using: my space heater! We're reunited!!

Wasting: prime napping hours on Once Upon A Time

Sewing: hahahahahahahahahahaha. no.

Wishing: I knew the future - where we'll end up, that we'll be ok, that my kids won't be ugly

Enjoying: school. REALLY enjoying it. Man, I love these kids. They are smart and stupid and fun.

Waiting: For The Beard to "graduate" in December

Liking: Ed Sheeran

Wondering: Can I really be a good YW Counselor?

Loving: Once Upon A Time

Hoping: to get a St. George trip in to see Brooke play her fall games

Marveling: at the forgiving nature and tender mercies of our Heavenly Father. This talk, in particular.

Needing: time and motivation to thoroughly clean and update our apartment

Smelling: Apple Pie Scentsy cubes

Wearing: Heels daily. Student-led conferences = parents = Danica needs to look like an adult.

Following: Glen Coco's trail of toys to the bacon treats he leaves in our bed. 

Noticing: How grown up and spiritually mature my little brother sounds

Knowing: I'm the luckiest to have such amazing family, in-laws and friends.

Thinking: this junk food and not-working-out thing is catching up to me. Ew.

Feeling: content with my life.

Bookmarking: Halloween costumes and new music.

Opening: Pinterest & Diet Coke cans, 100x a day

Giggling: girlishly over Belle/Lacey and Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold. I need help.

Praying: for inspiration to come my way this weekend.

Who are you today?


  1. How did your Slab RP+B turn out?! I've been meaning to ask you ever since I got your Snapchat!