Friday, March 25, 2011

Life After Wales

Here we are, 7 months later. You might ask, "Well, what's been happening?" and if I said "Not too much!" you wouldn't believe me and you'd try to pump me for more information, right? Well that's what's happened when I've run into a few of you in the past few months and you've gotten on my case for not posting regularly. Because obviously this blog is the best thing that's ever happened to you all.

Here's a brief synopsis:

1. School. Sucks, but I figured it needed to be number one. I took some good classes these last two semesters, hated almost every second of it, and I'm counting down until April 13th when I am officially DONE. Forever!
2. In relation to being done forever, I landed an internship at Mapleton Jr. High for next year! I'll be teaching 7th grade Utah Studies and 8th grade U.S. History! I feel so lucky to have to opportunity to work at the best school with the best teachers.
3. Turned 21. Woot! No bad decisions yet.....
4. The Dream Palace. Our party-filled, bachelorette pad. Fall semester was filled with bonfire after bonfire, Netflix on our TV, and our latest love - JustDance2.

5. Working at the LAO. My home away from home.

6. Music shows, parties, hot tubbing, classy dinner parties with friends.

7. #Jimmering. This picture was on the front page of Sports at one point. I'm famous!

8. Fell in love.

9. Friday Night Lights. Texas Forever. {Still loyal to The Office. Obviously.}

10. Had the best 7 months ever to be had in Provo.

I feel incredibly blessed and lucky to have all this. Best people ever, best opportunities, best life. It's hard to imagine things getting any better, but everything on the horizon is even more exciting. I have so much to look forward to. Life is beautiful.

And it's getting more beautiful. I woke up this morning to find blossoms on the tree outside the Dream Palace. Soon. Soon it will be summer.

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