Monday, April 4, 2011

Pros and Conference

Conference hands me the best two weekends of the year. Pajamas, food and hearing the inspired words of prophets and apostles of the Lord. Yahtzee. In addition there were movies, family, mocktails and plenty of baseball. My only complaint is that it was too short. Usually when I have an awesome weekend I feel like throwing myself in front of a semi on Monday morning because it's another 5 days filled with adulthood and responsibility. Today is different, though. And it's all because of Conference.

Conference serves as a gentle, poignant reminder of where I fall short, but with the positive hope of possibility. Rather than making me feel inadequate, Conference inspires me to be better and to leave behind the habits and choices that are holding me back. When a young infielder watches professional athletes, it doesn't make him feel inadequate or worthless. He watches them with wide eyes, thinking

"I wanna be like that."

Of course Christ is our ultimate example. But these brethren provide additional, frequent examples of Gospel living. They are our professional athletes. And this is the World Series.

At the conclusion of each semiannual General Conference, I have starred 3 or 4 talks that were my favorites or the most applicable. Every time, EVERY TIME, this guy makes the cut.

I love him. Always have. I don't know if it's his personality, manner of speaking, businesslike approach or if he's my patron apostle, but whatever it is, Dallin H. Oaks gets me every time. And by "gets me" I mean "makes me grin sheepishly, swallow hard and commit to real change" all with an enduring sense of positive realism and pure love. His talk about desire was fantastic. So tailored to my faults, strengths and needs. I've been struggling (and failing) lately to manage my priorities. I have been thinking only of the personal, immediate, selfish benefits of my choices, rather than the long term effects and underlying desires. Our choices indicate who and what we are, right? So that must mean I'm a sleepy, lazy, to-do list making, Diet Coke-drinking couch potato. But that's not me! That's not who I am. Promise! But that's what my senioritis/Spring Fever/burnt out/twitterpated girlfriend-driven choices have been. Texting during or ditching class is giving me no additional satisfaction. Avoiding work and roommate situations is not teaching me anything. Shirking the gym for some Office on my couch is not giving me any more energy. So what am I doing? What are my underlying desires, and therefore, priorities? Touche, Dallin. Touche.

Elder Scott is such a sweetheart. He made me cry! That talk was so tender and loving. It made me want to be the kind of wife that Sister Scott was, so that I can enjoy the beautiful blessings of celestial marriage like they have (and will). All the talk and counsel for the temple, marriage, and parenting was so inspiring and exciting. I can't wait till my May Ensign comes and I can study more in depth the words of these awesome General Authorities.

Oh and did anyone else notice (and chuckle) at the major theme running through several sessions? "Married by October" is the much-needed and socially sensitive message for young single men (and women, sort of). I will say one thing. It is a problem. They wouldn't have addressed it 3 separate times (that I can recall) if it wasn't. But I want to assert on behalf of single girls throughout the church-- We know. We know you aren't all worthless douchebags. {Sorry?} We know its demanding and expensive and scary. And we know you'll be amazing husbands and fathers. We know you're not bad guys. Just scared ones. And we're scared too! If we can walk by faith and help each other out, we all win. I salute you, young single men. Good luck in your quest. I've got a lot of single friends if you're looking. {Which you should be.}

Sidebar -- I'm glad to be dating someone who has his act together. It kept that message from being awkward and uncomfortable. Props to all my friends who aren't man-babies.

So conference was awesome. I also attended a bridal shower for my cute friend Sam at the ever-chic Spark. It was a really classy shower complete with non-alcoholic martinis and cupcakes. It's great to see Sam so happy as she prepares to marry her best friend in the temple.

During Priesthood session, I went to dinner and to see Hop, which I surprisingly LOVED. I grumbled about it a lot. And then laughed through the entire thing. Also watched Tangled with my boyfriend's little sisters on Friday and it was so adorable! We spent all weekend house-hopping, baseball-watching and eating delicious food. Now it's Monday morning and I've got a full schedule of work, class, homework, errands and obligations. But I'm excited. Life goes on and only gets better.

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  1. This post is inspired. You are fantastic. I'm glad to know such a wonderful person like yourself. Love you! :)