Sunday, January 22, 2012


Six months ago I married my best friend in the Salt Lake Temple. Here's 6 things I would have missed out on if I hadn't done that.

1. Sleepovers. It's way better to wake up to someone you love than to your stupid roommate blasting the Black Eyed Peas.

2. Meal Plans. I never would have learned how to cook. Who would have guessed that I could actually cook a real life adult dinner? Thanks, Pinterest.

3. Double Family Fun. Twice the dinners, parties and presents.

4. The Temple. We don't go as often as we should, but going together is pretty awesome.

5. Therapy. Being able to come home and talk to the Beard about my day, every day, as boring and juvenile as it always is, is priceless to me. Being married helps you open up further than you ever have before, because let's face it. What is he going to do? Divorce me? Ok. Actually. No one tell him that's a real thing or I'll have some trouble.

6. Love. It's hard to describe the way your feelings change when you get married. Well. They don't really change. They are just amplified and expanded in ways you couldn't predict. Empathy, concern, companionship, it all grows and evolves. The Beard literally became my everything, and it's terrifying and wonderful. He's patient and caring when I'm not. He lets me be right (sometimes. Even though I ALWAYS am). It's been a rougher 6 months than I could have predicted, but it would have been completely unbearable without this crazy love.

Looking forward to many more 6 month anniversaries, I love you Beard.


  1. oh my. Such a cute post lady.


  2. I love how much you love him. I'm sure if he blogged more, or if I Twittered more, or if I was a better friend I would hear the same from him to you. But for now, I get your side. And it's SO great. I love you guys! Let's meet sometime shall we? lol.