Monday, February 27, 2012

I Love Pinterest but I Hate Kids

I express my fears about kids all the time. ALL the time. I fully believe that I will get over that at some point. I mean, I've come a long way in the last few months. I can even talk about potentially having kids, how we want to do things, etc.

For example, we strongly agree that we will keep it a secret as long as possible when we are expecting. Also we're not going to have a gross or ridiculous announcement. You're welcome.

But this poses a problem. I've always been 100% against girls who are obsessed with babies on Pinterest and make multiple boards for these phantom babies they don't have. Especially unmarried girls. You're not going to hide the crazy that way, ladies. The only exception to this rule is my bestie Eliesa, because she pins everything and has impeccable taste (Follow her boards). Also she's going to be an ultimate mom.

I will NOT be seen as baby crazy; I refuse. BUT. What about when I DO get pregnant and want to start pinning baby crap? IT WILL BE A DEAD GIVEAWAY!!!!! I want to keep it a dramatic whispered secret.

Should I start pinning baby shiz now so that I can shield my secrets in the future? Continue fighting the baby craze? Create a secret Pinterest account for my dirty little secret baby pins?

First World Probs.


  1. I'm honored :) And yes, post that baby crap now. 1) so you don't lose it in the pinterest black hole and 2) people won't suspect anything when you DO have a baby in 5 years :)

  2. Don't give in! Sorry Eliesa and Cassandra! I like the idea behind starting now, but then you'll be giving in to everything you just spoke against. You can do it! As in, not do it! Are you proud that I haven't done the disgusting Facebook posts about every single nasty detail of my pregnancy? I hope so. Because I yearn for your approval. And I think it's safe to mention pregnancy here since I think our only mutual friends are your husband and other such missionary people. lol.

  3. Oh Danica. Wanting a baby and being excited for your baby are completely different than being psychotic. Hello.

  4. I LOVE this post. It's so true. I tried to be all sleek and suave about it and pinned things for my sister (who was pregnant at the time)..but really for me..but then decided, whatev, people will speculate, but until I make an announcement I'll lie to their faces and say it's for my sister or future child.

  5. haha you guys make me laugh. As you may have noticed, I started a couple of boards but I'm keeping it tasteful. In true Danica Holdaway style, right?