Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sometimes, Always, Never - Swimsuit Shopping

As spring approaches, you may be getting antsy for warm weather, vacations and sun. I can't stop thinking about it. I bought my Pass of All Passes last week and can't wait to get using it. So naturally I've been spending all of my free time pinning summer drinks and treats and online shopping for swimsuits.

Shopping for swimsuits has brought me to tears in the past. My body is incredibly hard to shop for when it comes to things like swimsuits, formal dresses, or anything that is supposed to fit an entire body. I'm short, quite busty, and curvy with a small waist and narrow shoulders. So it's a nightmare. Bikinis are usually my only option because I need a tie around the neck and below the bust, which tankinis almost never offer and are too long and loose if they do. One pieces are pretty much out of the question.

I have had a suit custom made once at Billie Jo clothing in Provo, and really liked it. You get to choose everything about it, and they build it to your measurements. Here's how that went:

"Ok honey, do you want to try the small top?"

"I think I should try the large or extra large, actually."

"... Um. Are you sure?"

"haha yes ma'am. I'm sure."

"Well.... ok... how about I measure you first? How about that?"

"That's, yeah. Let's do that."

--measures me. brow furrows. head shakes.--

"Extra large it is, then."

This may be my only option again this year. Rather than tanning in the backyard or at a deserted pool, this summer I'll be going to Seven Peaks and hanging with my sisters more. It necessitates the purchase of a real (non-bikini) swimsuit. Here's my Sometimes-Always-Never of swimsuit shopping.


Order online. Everyone can look online. That's a great idea. If you have a weird body type or you want something that no one else will have, ordering online might be your best bet. However, only do it if the return policy is flexible or you are confident of your size/fit.

[I like Victoria's Secret, Lime Ricki, DivinitaSole *swimsuit above*, Old Navy, and Rey.]


Get something you WANT to wear. It should be comfortable. It doesn't matter how cute it is if you have to be tugging it every which way or cover it up because it's immodest. Alternately, if it's the most boring swimsuit in the world, why would you wear it? You should get a suit that you want to live in all summer, say I.


Get discouraged. Trying on swimsuits can take a serious hit on your self-esteem. Remember that a swim suit isn't about seducing anyone or showing off your not-so-Victoria's Secret physique. It's about having fun. If you decide to be a little healthier after trying on suits, that's never a bad thing. :) But always love yourself. Cheesy enough?


  1. Dannica I can teach you to make your own custom's much cheaper and pretty easy

    1. Craftiness is not my calling, Miss Larken. Also, is sewing underwire into a swimsuit easy? It's a necessity.

    2. Yup. You can buy the undersides and then just sew them into the lining. Or you can use cups. They are pretty supportive