Thursday, February 16, 2012

That's Why You're Single....

Valentime's day was awesome. The Beard nailed it, obviously. We started with a classy dinner at Magleby's and then followed it up with our V-day tradition - The Cocoa Bean.

I love the Cocoa Bean. It's well documented. No offense to the Sweet Tooth Fairy lovers, but I've always preferred Cocoa Bean's cupcakes, and their drinks are unbeatable. Everyone knows this.

LAO Crew, circa 2010

So Tuesday night, Valentine's Day, we are chilling at Cocoa Bean, enjoying our delicious drinks and the superb people watching, when two girls walk in.

Sweats & Uggs.

McDonald's bag of food.

5 Cupcakes between them. 5!!!!

Who ARE these people? I'm all for self-medicating and indulging once in a while. But a bag of McDonald's and 5 cupcakes? In public?!!!! You couldn't get them to go and eat at home? You couldn't at least put on some jeans and just eat your single cupcake with your girlfriend in public? There are so many wrong choices here, I can't even pinpoint the worst one.

Wait. Yes I can. It's the five cupcakes between two girls. Balanced precariously among the purses and McDonald's on the tiny cafe table.

I know you "don't care." YOU SHOULD CARE. This is what gives Provo a bad name. If you don't value yourself and want to be something great, how do you expect a young man to "man up" and see you with value? I'm not even going to ADDRESS the unhealthy status of your diet. Have some self respect. Until you do, you're likely to spend every Valentine's day with fast food.

Is that mean? I'm no longer single (praise the Lord), so I have little sympathy for these girls, but I was once in this position. I never ate a full bag of McDonald's and 5 cupcakes, but I've had those days. And I feel qualified to say that the turning point came when I woke up. I met The Beard (in his beardless days, believe it or not), and he was so vibrant, so fun, so lively. My life had lacked that for a while. But he made me see who I wanted to be. I wanted to be the girl that could match that. I finally started being the person I wanted to be - the one that a great guy wanted to marry and have forever.

And that girl does NOT wear sweats and Uggs to eat fast food and cupcakes in public.

Come on, sweetheart. It's for your own good. Trust me. I'm a married woman.


  1. This was awesome. You're awesome!

    1. Thanks girl! Speaking of relationships, I want a more intimate update on this boy of yours!