Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ValenTIMES Day

I love Valentines Day. I always have. Even when I was single, I prided myself on not being one of those bitter girls. You know the types.

1. The Denier. Boycotts Valentine's Day by watching violent movies, wearing all black, locking themselves in their apartments. I bet that makes you feel better, huh?
2. The Annoyer. Pretends to not care, has a loud, obnoxious girls night by taking the tables meant for couples at the chic sushi restaurant. We get it. You're SOOOOO independent.
3. The Whiner. Basically just drops pity-party comments like "Well, if I HAD anyone to spend it with..." "These hearts just remind me that I'm alone, hahahaha! *sob*" There is a reason you're alone, sweetheart.

Celebrate LOVE you guys! It doesn't matter if you don't have it yet! It's ok. And it's ok for other couples to celebrate. The flowers, chocolates and teddy bears might be tacky, but it's not the items. It's a celebration of LOVE!

Last year's Valentine's, or ValenTIMES, as Ryan calls it, was amazing. Ryan surprised me with dinner at Shoga, a completely shocking ring shopping trip, and hilarious people watching at the Cocoa Bean. It was perfect. For our first married Valentimes we wanted to keep the pace.

Ryan is surprising me with the dinner location, again. Cocoa Bean will be our delicious dessert, and instead of ring shopping we're planning a cozy night with an old romantic movie (we're thinking "An Affair to Remember" or something equally classy).

I keep planning outfit after outfit. No one tell me I have to pick just one.

And I just couldn't resist the cute boxes of class Valentines so I got some classy Batman Valentines and I'm whipping up these pink beauties for our family and friends. Hopefully Cupid smiles upon me in this quest.

Love LOVE and love you all!


  1. I loved this post. Here, have some more love to this page :)

    1. Thanks girl! I'm glad to see you're back again. :)