Monday, March 12, 2012

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Last week I snagged a cell phone from a student. This was the first time in a while because I took like 6 phones in the first few weeks of school and word got out to not text in my class because I'm mean. Mission accomplished.

I tweeted requesting ideas for creative punishment. Obviously it is their property and I would never realistically do anything beyond school policy of taking it to the front office, but that wouldn't make the blog.

Here are a few of the suggestions I received from friends as creative punishments I could do to their phone:

  1. Cat Facts. This was probably my favorite suggestion. Thanks, Mitch!
  2. Put my name as "God" in their phone and text them sage advice/commandments. In the words of Miss Amanda Wallace, "It's not sacrilegious if it's something He would say." Lolz. Follow her.
  3. Delete their birthday on Facebook so no one posts on their birthday. (I once changed Jeanette's birthday on Facebook to the next day when she left it logged in at work. That way people started posting "Happy Birthday!" when it wasn't her birthday. She caught it pretty quick though. Jeanette, this is my confession/apology.)
  4. Delete all of their contacts. That one is a little mean.
  5. Change the names to all of their contacts, i.e. Batman, Dumbledore, Barack Obama, etc.
  6. Chelsey shared this video, which everyone has seen and still can't get enough of.
  7. Cristina pulled a Jim and hid a student's phone in a ceiling tile and had the kid's mom call every 5 minutes. Watch out, drywall.
  8. Many people have heard of planting a kid with a fake, old cell phone early on in a course, then catch them texting and smash the cell phone with a hammer. Similar to #6 for the pure shock factor.
These are just little things to fantasize about to get me through the day. Maybe soon I'll put something in jello.


  1. As a parent, I would be fine with wrapping it in about 2 dozen layers of duct tape! :-)

  2. Hahahahaha I didn't realize you hated sharing your birthday with me that much :)