Friday, March 9, 2012

Sometimes, Always, Never - Sunglasses

I'm still in the summer mode, obviously. As you read this, I'll be chillin in sunny St. George (if all goes according to plan). My little brother is playing in the legendary Sunshine tournament, and we love baseball, as if we need a reason to jet down to the Geezy.

Also, I'm obsessed with cheap sunglasses. Walking out of Forever 21 without them is my Vietnam. But even I know their time and place. So without further ado, here is this week's Sometimes, Always, Never.


Giant, bug frames. The kind you see on movie stars. Ever-so-glamorous and perfect for thwarting the paparazzi, right? I firmly believe these are an enduring trend and not a classic. Usually pretty good, as long as you are outside and doing a sunny activity - preferably by the pool. Try pairing them with a headwrap or scarf headband. Voila! You are an international sensation that happens to vacation in Utah County.

Unacceptable on athletes, indoors or when they overwhelm your face. Round faces should avoid these, as they make you look more like the Walmart Rollback Smiley Face, i.e. your round face is even rounder. Also, pick a big bag or big shades. Not both. Believe it or not, it does NOT make your hips look smaller. You just look like a cat lady.


The classic aviator. Looks great on every face shape. Is appropriate for every age. Never looks contrived or ridiculous. I stack up on these in silver, gold and a color or two every summer because I know they are in my daily rotation.

The surprising "Always" up and comer is the cat eye. The aviator was my first love, and now all I seem to want to wear is a pair of cheetah print cat eyes I bought last summer. These are more dressy and chic, less of a pool staple and more of a driving, social staple.


The white-framed wayfarer. Sorry, LMFAO, but these make you look like you only wear Axe. Girls, do you WANT to look like this?

Blue or otherwise ridiculously tinted lenses. Please no. I can live without or without these.

Kanye "blinds." I call them blinds because they remind me of windows. And I really just wish I could shut them.


  1. Unfortunately, I am compelled to sometimes wear white-framed sunglasses because Ethan picked out a pair for me with little rhinestones on them. I don't wear them often -- just enough to make him happy. Someday you will understand.