Friday, March 30, 2012

Sometimes, Always, Never - Interview in Style

I've written about Interview Fashion before, but as the (unsuccessful) job hunt is on my mind, I thought it would make a pretty good Sometimes, Always, Never. I have been loving these interviews because I get to mix things up in my wardrobe and keep things from getting boring. This is my favorite of my outfits so far.

Black Blazer - Forever XXI
Polka Dot Blouse - Old Navy
Black Pencil Skirt - Cozy
Red heels - Forever Young Shoes
Gold Watch - Michael Kors


Heels are a great way to seem taller, older and more professional. But there are specifics here:
  1. Closed-toe. Trust me.
  2. 3 inches or less. You aren't walking the Strip.
  3. Muted or Neutral colors. Are we in a club?
  4. You HAVE to be able to walk in them. Meaning you've worn them many times before this interview, they're broken in and you like them. Everyone can tell if you stumble or wince into the room. Yikes.
Makeup. Look fresh and put together. Look awake. I usually do my longer, more thorough makeup routine, but I don't do anything "new." An interview is not the place to try that new cheek stain. Go with your basic routine, plus maybe a little extra attention to looking great. The confidence will help you.


Black. You shouldn't be surprised.

Blazers. Simplest way to look polished and professional.

Something that you LOVE. Whether it's your favorite blouse, your lucky earrings or your favorite (moderate) hairstyle, you'll feel happier and more confident.


Jeans. I don't care if you're interviewing at a construction site. Dress your lazy self up.

Shirts with logos, pictures, writing, etc. It looks so incredibly unprofessional.

Excessive perfume.

Loud nail polish. I know this seems like it wouldn't be that big of a deal. We once interviewed a girl with a neon turquoise set and that's all we could talk about after the interview. She was not hired.

Red lipstick or sparkly gloss. Similar to nail polish, it is distracting and usually done wrong. You aren't a lady of the night. Just go with a nude lip.

Basic Bottom Line - Don't let anything in your physical appearance be more memorable than your personality and answers.

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