Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Big Girl Now

Week after next, I have BYU graduation. I'm excited about being officially "done," but really, I've been done with BYU for about a year. What I'm probably most excited about is a reason to buy a new dress and shoes. I mean, it's Easter/Graduation, so I have to clean up, right?

Anyway I'm basically drooling over these combos.

Old Navy & DSW

Shabby Apple & Valentino

Sosie & DSW

Ruche & Wanted


  1. I basically think all of these outfits rock! Congratulations on graduating (even though I remember feeling the same way like I was already graduated).

  2. Can I vote? Cause I vote that you have to get all of them! Or at least one for every year you went to BYU!