Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cake Balling Part 2

I had a fairly nice experiment with Cake Balls for my YW activity a few weeks ago, so I decided to give them another try for Easter. I also took more pictures this time. I learned a ton and I think Cake Balls are going to be a regular for me.

Bake your cake - I used Funfetti for festive reasons.

Crumble into a large bowl, picking out the edges that don't crumble so well. Some blogs said to use a food processor/blender/vegetable grater. Crumbling with my hands worked fine.

Mix in your frosting (and I added sprinkles).

Here's where my learning came in. I used a small cookie dough scoop to make sure I was using equal amounts of cake ball each time. I kept a stream of water going and rinsed my hands every few cake balls, keeping my hands wet while I formed the balls. This way, they don't stick to your hands and they are smooth instead of rough. I tried to make these kind of egg-shaped. LOLZ. Don't worry if they are a little wonky. You can smooth out the bumps when they are frozen before you dunk them. Mine still don't look like eggs even then. It's ok. Really.

Freeze. I only froze these for a few hours. I feel like the ones I froze overnight last time were easier to deal with.

Set up your station. Melt your almond bark with a little shortening, little bits at a time. You can also melt it in a small crock pot left on "warm" if it is deep enough for dipping. I was going to cover my cake balls in crystallized sugars, so I dumped them into small prep bowls. Have your tray covered and ready.

I dipped my "eggs" using a fork, then stuck the fork in a small cup so it could drip back into the almond bark bowl and firm up a bit. Then I shook the sugars over the sticky candy-covered egg balls and back into the cup to harden completely. I found it was much easier to pull off the fork when it had firmed up a little.

Finally, I froze them overnight to harden completely and then put them in an egg carton for Easter dinner. :) Again, a little time consuming, but super yummy and way cute.

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  1. iI'm so digging your chewbacca and darth vader cups. LOVE YOUR BLOG! YAY We are excited to see you guys too!