Tuesday, May 22, 2012


After Jeanette tweeted obscurely about new life changes, Katie and I got on her case about writing a blog post to update us all on her exciting summer plans. At school and following graduation, I've been getting a lot of questions as well. Our lives have changed dramatically in the past month, so I suppose an update is in order.

I have been interning at Mapleton Junior High as a 9th grade World Civ/Geography teacher for this entire school year. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Education program, basically this means I'm a slave. I have my own room and teach my own stuff  (read: not a student teacher), have to attend a million more meetings and work on two different portfolios, all while getting paid half salary. And the sickest thing about it? I still loved it. :) However, what is less than lovable is that I am not guaranteed a job. Our school lost 3 FTEs and a Geography teacher from another school in the district put in to transfer here. They couldn't hire me. It's been a pretty stressful few months looking for jobs and really just grasping at straws. I used up the remainder of my few personal days to drive all over the state for interviews, checked websites constantly, pulled my hair out....

Finally, I was offered a job at Sunset Ridge Middle School! They are a pretty new school, and they are doing some amazing things. They are a National School-to-Watch, which I think is super cool. I'm really excited to be a part of it. I'll be teaching half 9th Grade Geography and half 8th Grade US History.

In case you haven't already googled it, Sunset Ridge is in West Jordan. Clear the freak out in West Jordan. Like against the copper mine. Like the edge of civilization. It's 70 minutes from where we live right now - hence we have started looking for housing in the Salt Lake Valley!

Conveniently, although scary at the time, The Beard's branch of Online Image in Orem shut down the day after we heard about my new job. They offered him a job at their Murray branch once they move into a new office building with enough space in June. He decided he didn't want to wait around for that job, so he started applying for other jobs. He was offered several and finally settled on Larry H. Miller Dodge/Lincoln in Provo! We're pretty excited about him as a car salesman, especially because he doesn't have to be obnoxious or pushy or deal with the finances at all. He just gets to ride around with people in new cars and make friends. Any of you who know The Beard know how great he'll be at that. :) Also, we're both in the market for new cars... so it couldn't come at a better time!

So my school year ends on Friday, we'll move up to Salt Lake somewhere (any ideas people? We're already liking Daybreak a lot) and The Beard will be able to transfer to one of the 40+ dealerships up north. I'm hopefully going to get a puppy next week when I'm officially free. How cute is that little guy? To think I could have my own... I get to excited just thinking about it. It's working out pretty well.

It will be weird to leave the Valley. It will be sad that I can't just drop in after school to visit my Blade. And family... I guess. :) It will be weird to move somewhere and know no one in the neighborhood. It's weird that  we're actual adults and our lives are changing. This could be a permanent Salt Lake life for us.

But we're so excited! The crazy and rapid turn of events actually relieved us because we can see the Lord's hand in all of it. We're so grateful to still be within an hour of our families, have good jobs and of course, each other! As long as I have The Beard... life is wonderful!


  1. So I almost cried reading this. I'm so happy for you and Ryan! I have ALSO heard awesome things about daybreak. Plus that means you wouldn't be TOO terribly far away. Also, get that puppy ASAP, I want to come snuggle him.

    I miss you.

  2. Congratulations on the job! I bet you're the coolest teacher. And congratulations to Ryan too! What an exciting thing for you guys!! And you're MOVING? Big, big things going on at the Holdaway Home. I'm thrilled for you two.

  3. So true that interning is pratically just being a slave! I remember that and it was fun but I still don't really know how I survived. You have a lot of fun new things coming up this summer, kind of scary becasue they are new, but you will be great!

  4. okay. LITERALLY, I googled "sunset ridge middle school utah" RIGHT before i read that sentence. and then when i came back to the page and saw that? I laughed out loud. by myself. the snorty kind of laugh. you kill me! you're also basically guaranteed to kick ass as a teacher. oh wait, you already do.

    another thing: ryan as a car salesman? i'm already excited for the stories to come. if anybody can talk anybody in (or out) or anything, it's him! and believe it or not, the likelihood of devin and i moving up in that same area in the next few years is pretty good! it all depends on how fast things start moving with his job. who knows, maybe we'll be neighbors. daybreak is GORGEOUS.

    last thing i swear: i can't wait for you to get a puppy! i'm so jealous! i think i'm starting to show symptoms of depression because i don't have a tiny, fluffy thing to love!

    1. Hahaha I'm so glad we're just in sync. I'm glad you guys will be moving up there! It makes it less scary to know there are friends! And I'm thinking maybe I'll take up some rock climbing... who knows? Also I think we should name our puppies Walker and Texas Ranger. :)

  5. Oh yay!!!! We can visit each other for lunch or something. I love people up north to keep me company :) Plus Karlie's here too so we'll have to stop by and say hi one day!

    1. OH yeah!!!!! That would be awesome! I'll probably be back and forth like you guys all summer, so a lunch or movie date would be so nice! Can't wait!