Friday, May 25, 2012


It's been an awesome year at Mapleton Junior High. I loved it. I learned so much. I grew. I had a great time. I met some amazing people (adults and otherwise).

As I look back on our year, past the lessons about Islam, WWII, Apartheid, Communism and Immigration, I've found that what I REALLY want them to know was never listed in my state core curriculum.
  • Everyone is worth listening to, and we're all a team. 
  • You are responsible and are going to be held accountable for everything in your life. Don't drop that ball. You can't cop out.
  • The Office is the greatest television show ever made. 
  • Clean up after yourselves!
  • Self-evaluate. Constantly ask yourself "Why?" "Why am I doing this?" "Why are they doing that?" and really think about the answers. Be aware of what you are doing and why.
  • To my girls - Gossip sucks and you can't control what people say about you. But the way you live will give them things to talk about, good or bad. 
  • To my boys - SWAG = douchebag.
But the biggest thing I want them to walk away with?

You control your life. You determine your happiness. You build your future.

So stop whining. Stop blaming. Stop giving up on hard things. Stop competing with everyone around you.

Start trying. Start thinking. Start living. Start loving. Start choosing.

Ultimately, I want you to care. About your future. About your present. About your brain. About your heart. About your reputation. About your morals. About your family. About your relationships. About who you are and who you want to be. 

In this society that says it's cool to be apathetic and nonchalant, where you can protect your pride by not trying, I wish you could see how much I believe in you. I wish you could see the amazing things that lie ahead of you if you just have the courage to reach out and try for them. I want you to enjoy the endless benefits that come from standing up and deciding that YOU are going to be happy, no matter what.

I want the best for you. I love you and I'll miss you. Thanks for an amazing year. I wish you many, many more.


Mrs. Holdaway

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  1. This was tender Danica. I'm CERTAIN that you are a fantastic, wonderful wonderful teacher. They're lucky to have you cute girl. xoxo