Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Find Your Lack of Geek Disturbing...

Tomorrow is one of my favorite non-observed holidays - May the Fourth. As in May the Force Be With You. As in National Star Wars Day. I've loved Star Wars since my dad took me to see the re-release in the 90s. When I was in 9th grade the remastered editions came out on DVD and I watched them over and over and over.

**The "new" Star Wars, Episodes 1-3 are not real Star Wars. I am not going to be an obnoxious fan and freak out over them. I enjoyed them. The effects were cool and they were a lot of fun to watch. But they are not real Star Wars. You should not judge the Star Wars saga by the newer movies. Go see them in 3D though! Visually  incredible!**

The title of this post is a misnomer. Star Wars is beloved by geeks, certainly, but was not created exclusively for them. There is a reason everyone recognizes the Imperial March. Everyone recognizes Chewie, Yoda, Han, Princess Leia and her buns. Every kid wants to play with light sabers. There's a reason this did so well, although having an adorable little kid helps.

Star Wars are arguably the best movies ever made. They were sci-fi, action, suspense, romance, comedy and drama. They blew everyone away with their stunning visuals and special effects - keep in mind A New Hope came out in 1977. 1977!

They are classics. Still watched. Still referenced. Still relevant. They just don't make them like that anymore!

So I am going to spend my weekend watching these. Wearing this. Drinking out of this. Impressed? I also have 2 Star Wars lunchboxes. But I thought that would be overkill.

My plea to you is this. Watch them. Enjoy them. I've never met a single person who said they didn't like them after watching the original trilogy. Just do it. Finally see why they won't ever go away. You'll never regret it.

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