Friday, May 4, 2012

Sometimes, Always, Never - To the Max(i) Dress

I was slow to adopt the Maxi trend. They just seemed frumpy to me. They were in garish prints, only sold at skeezy tourist gift shops on cruises and pretty much swallowed everything up. But they sophisticated with time, as all things do (that's what I keep telling myself when I'm looking at these students of mine). Now? Can't get enough. After the ever stylish Eliesa bought a glam maxidress, I followed suit. I impulsively bought a black Hawaiian/floral print tube top maxi at Target and it immediately commandeered my summer wardrobe.

Then this winter I went one step further and decided to try the maxi SKIRT. I was just browsing Old Navy online (like I do every day that ends in -y) and saw their jersey maxi skirts were on sale. I had their knee-length jersey skirts and loved them for their ease and comfort. I clicked "shopping cart." But then I got a little wild. Instead of my comfort food - black - I kept finding my eye attracted to the "wine red" skirt. So I took a gamble. I bought it. Turns out, Danica LOVES wine red. I love that I can rock it with black and gold for a luxe look, gray for easy neutrals, and white/blue nautical stripes for a spring transition.

That's what a great purchase is - something that stretches your wardrobe and makes you want to find new outfit combinations to keep wearing it.

As we approach summer, I encourage you to look into this enduring (and modest. And comfortable. And glamorous) maxi trend. But as always, be tasteful.


Dress it up for school, church or a date. The primary function of a maxi is for easy days at the beach, pool, hotel or any other easy-breezy summer activity. It can be worn to more formal places and activities, but you HAVE to dress it up. This means:
  • Lose the flip flops and gladiators. Opt for pretty flats, wedges or anything peep-toe. Well, no pumps. That should go without saying. 
  • Wear a blouse, blazer or pretty, belted cardigan instead of your basic tank top, tee, or maxi on its own. This says "I meant to do this. I didn't just get here from Seven Peaks."
  • Along with that, DO YOUR HAIR. The carefree, beachy mess is awesome. But not if you're trying to pull off a maxi as a real-life, in public outfit. 


Belt it. If you don't, you're gonna look like a tube of Pringles.

Get one that skims the top of your feet. Any longer and you're gonna look like a wizard.

Just wear it like Sydney. She's always an always.


Please. PLEASE. I'm begging you. Stop wearing maxi dresses OVER a tee. No. Don't do it. If it's a tube or spaghetti strap (which most of them are) I get that you need to be modest. More power to you! But get a lightweight linen or cotton cardigan to wear OVER THE MAXI. I wear a short-sleeved, cropped black sweater with mine and it's perfect. No one wants to see your white shade tee underneath that bright pink floral maxi. Come on. 


(I realize this is just a tank top, but the same rule applies.)


  1. Biggest pet peeve is the t-shirt under the maxi. You're not fooling anyone people... we know it's not part of the dress! I love the maxi dresses. It was the perfect dress to wear in the uncomfortable pregnancy stage, full-blown whale stage, and post-pregnancy stage and still be in style and cute. I don't always belt it, but I always buy them with an empire waist sewn in or some sort of interest at or under the bustling to create an illusion. A never one to be mistaken as a muumuu!

  2. Definitely headed to Old Navy on Monday. You've convinced me. And maybe so I can look just like Sydney. I mean, who wouldn't want to look like her??