Saturday, June 16, 2012

Puppy Time!

It's finally happening! After all of these years! I'm going to have a little shih-tzu of my own. Don't worry. No one could ever replace my Blade. I'll love him forever and ever. He was my first, as they say. Still, I've wanted one that's all mine. Well, and The Beard's.

I've been looking more seriously in the past week or so and called on a few KSL ads, but nothing really came up. I just had the feeling that it would just HAPPEN. Like a stork dropping one off on my doorstep.

On Friday, The Beard and I were pulling into the mall when we saw a lady on the corner with a "Puppy for Sale!" sign and a cute little puppy guy running around with her kids. We whipped around to talk to her, and as we were stuck at the light we watched some JERK in an Isuzu pull up and buy the puppy. The lady pries the puppy out of her emotionally compromised 5 year old's arms, and hands him through the window of the Isuzu, and SHIZ HIT THE FAN.

The little girl became completely hysterical. We're talking gnashing and wailing, sackcloth and ashes, drama. She's punching her mom, screaming and thrashing while her mom tries to calm her down. It was traumatizing and hilarious.

Later we had a few hours to kill before meeting up with the Porter's for date night. We pulled into PetSmart because I was getting puppy hungry, but it just made me sad to not have my own. We took a random back road to Target because, well, it's Target. As we're driving down this random back road, we see a sign that says "4 Small Dogs 4 Sale." We pulled over. Obvs.

The house looked less than perfect suburbian material. Still, we navigated the debris in the front yard to the door. When we asked about the sign, the wife looked surprised.

"Wow! Yeah we have some puppies. They're only 4 weeks and we usually don't put the sign out until they are ready, but my husband said 'Hey, let's put the sign out early!' so it's funny that you came by."

Prayer WORKS you guys. 

They had 5 little shih-tzus, 4 that we got to play with. I melted completely at the sight of baby shih-tzus (see crazy blonde in the photo below), but the big surprise was The Beard. He instantly went for "Tank," the chubby little black puppy (the puppy Ryan is holding on the left, two below). I really liked the brown little girl puppy but he crushed on Tank hard and fast. And you can't say no to true love, people. He is the cutest little (fat) puppy and we did want a boy. Perfect match.

We're total goners for this little guy. Now, we can't go get him until he's eating on his own, in about 2 weeks (fingers crossed for less!). Did we go straight to Target and buy puppy stuff including but not limited to a dish, bed, leash and collar?

We're not CRAZY. (We are.)


  1. so freakin jelly right now!!! but so excited! now we REALLY need to get together soon, so we can come play with your puppy!!!! there really isn't a love like puppy love. i'm so dying right now!!!

  2. I'm so excited for you right now! Shih-tzu puppies are the cutest. And then they become the cutest dogs. :) I'll have to meet "Tank" when you get him!

  3. You are so lucky. I'm really super allergic to fur, so even though I want a dog sometime in my life, it probably won't happen =(