Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Workout Wednesday - But I'd Rather Be Lazy...

A while ago I posted about an upcoming fitness series on Black with a Chance of Cheetah. Well here it comes. I know you've been anxiously waiting.

Why a fitness series? Why now? It's June and we're all feeling weird about our swimsuit physique. It's beautiful outside and it gives you more reasons to go enjoy it. I'm done with school and super bored all the time. I don't know, pick one. (By the way, I hate YOLO.)

Let me take you on a little journey through my fitness development:

Stage One: Super fit during year-round sports. Fitness was a by-product of athletics. 

Stage Two: Freshman laziness. I replaced exercising 3 hours a day with 3 hours a day of studying on my butt and eating crap. I got a Gold's Gym pass and started working out regularly, but I didn't lose any weight and didn't really improve my fitness, somehow. 

Stage Three: Busy life. I stopped working out altogether and spent all my time with The Beard, running from place to place and planning my future (graduation, teaching, marriage). I was really happy and subconsciously starting eating less and much better. 

Stage Four: Weak. I noticed how winded and pathetic I was running the bases with my slowpitch team. Moving things around in my new house made me feel like a wussy lightweight. I've been strong my whole life, until now. I started teaching and found myself mentally and physically exhausted. This whole not-working out thing isn't working out. 

Stage Five: Balance. That's when I found my PERSONAL fitness balance. I'm not a gym rat or a couch potato. I don't work out every day, but I'm not afraid to jump into a random game of flag football vs the students. 

Fitness isn't about losing weight anymore, though I wouldn't mind losing a few (amiright?). It's about feeling good. It's about confidence. It's about making myself better. 

And I do. I feel better. I feel good. I'm confident. I have more energy. I sleep better. I naturally make better eating decisions. I don't work out everyday. And I'm not a gym rat anymore. But I'm active and I feel good. That's what it's about. 

Personally I don't think fitness should be about your inspiration board full of half-naked Nike models. I don't think it should be about spending 20 hours a week at the gym. I don't think it should be about doing situps and starving yourself to fit into a size whatever. 

Fitness should be whatever works for you. Whatever makes you feel good. Whatever gives you confidence. Whatever makes you feel alive!

That's what this series is about. I will post about fitness topics that I know and love (weight-training, yoga, Just Dance!), and I have several guest posters lined up to blog about their fitness routines. Join us next week for my adorable and tough Miss Ashby's post about rock climbing!

If there's anything you want to see on the fitness blog series or if you have a hilarious gym story to share, let me know by email at dholdy {at} gmail {dot} com


  1. LOVE THIS! Great work sista. Can't wait to be a part of this... and to stop being chubby and lazy! p.s...Giveaway on my blog today :). You should totes come check it ouuuut.


  2. I feel you on working out and not getting results. I feel as if I'm in better shape, but I'm GAINING weight! I'm eating fair to well (no processed sugars, low sodium, lots of water), and I'm almost the heaviest I've been! It's a tight heavy, that's for sure, but my poor joints...