Friday, July 13, 2012

Sometimes, Always, Never: Trendy

I'm kind of a late adopter of trends. I firmly believe that waiting through the first wave of a trend makes your fashion decisions much more informed. Instead of running right out and buying the hot new thing at the doorway display at Forever 21, I watch. I see how bloggers, college peers and celebrities wear it.

So here's my inspiration. This last weekend I was in Cedar City at the Shakespearean Festival with my Budge girl family. It's our little girl reunion that we try to do every couple of years. It was awesome. Anyways. My mom and I had some time to kill before the next show so we went shopping. A Downeast Outfitters was having a sidewalk sale with discount bins, so we rifled through them. I have never found anything good in a bin because it's usually ugly stuff or XL-XXL sizes. But then I pulled out something, and lo and behold. Angels sang. 

It was soft.

It was blush pink.

It wasn't XXL. (It is a size too big for me, as you might be able to tell... whatev.)

It was a knee length pencil skirt.


And it was $10.

What do you guys think?

I've been intrigued by the peplum trend. I think it's so fun and classy.  I've seen bloggers and celebrities wearing it (thankfully no Utahns have ruined it for me. YET.) And I secretly just want to be Emma Stone. I just didn't know how I could do it. I like dressing up. I like looking formal, even if I'm the only one. But peplum? It's too much, right? WRONG.

And now, without further ado, our Sometimes, Always, Never for trying new trends.


Try something that seems scary. If it keeps catching your eye, do it. Buy it. Try it. But don't just get something BECAUSE it's trendy. It needs to be something you like.


Do some research. See how people are wearing it. Type the style into Pinterest and pin some ideas. I love doing that. 

Plan at least one outfit in your head before you buy it. You will regret it if you take it home and can't even make one outfit. 


I never buy a trendy item from a big designer or for full price. What if I don't like it? What if it is totally "out" by next season? When oxford shoes were big this last fall, I bought a knockoff pair from Payless for probably $15. It was good purchase, because they look similar to the $70+ Steve Madden pair at Nordstrom (RIP), but guess what? I wore them maybe once a month. That's worth $15 for me. Not $70.  And if you do love the trend? Upgrade.

ONE AT A TIME. Never ever ever combine super trends. Do not wear leggings, gladiators, a statement necklace and chambray all at once. Choose one. This girl looks ok for fashion week, but for the rest of us,  bright peplum + statement tee + shades + beach hair + chandelier earrings + thick ankle strap heels is overdoing it. 

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  1. Well. Apparently I need to study up on fashion. What the crap is a peplum? Well I know now. But I surely don't know how to say it. Also, maybe you could do a "fashion 101" thing. Like teach us stoopids the words. And that chambray or something? What is that? Also, do you like I have ideas for your blog? I just linked back to you too. on mine. Because you are so popular.