Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm a-leavin'... with a moving trailer

I've posted about my new job and plans to move, but now the ball is really rolling. We found the perfect place! It's a brand new, just-finished basement apartment in a gorgeous new house in Draper. We are right by the Draper Temple, and boy do we have an amazing view. The family upstairs is super nice and totally adorable. It's about a 30 minute commute for both me and the Beard (I come down the hill right onto Bangerter and The Beard is only a couple minutes to the Southbound I-15).

Did I mention there is a Kneaders right down the hill?

We move next week. As we start boxing things up and planning the move it's starting to really hit me. We're so blessed and I'm very excited, but this will be new and big for us.

Things I Will Not Miss:

  • My creepy Texas Chainsaw Massacre basement
  • Driving into Springville or Spanish Fork for a grocery store/pharmacy
  • Being 10 minutes from the freeway
  • Our 90+ degree house (they didn't believe in air conditioning in the year 1900 when this house was built)
  • Being in my home ward... yeah. 
  • Dead skunks EVERYWHERE
Things I Will Miss:
  • Being 10 seconds from my family
  • Aunt Lisa's salsa deliveries
  • La Casita, The Trolley, La Dolce Vita, Sammy's, Happy Sumo, Shoots, all of our favorite local places
  • A 2 minute commute to work
  • The Cocoa Bean with my girlfriends
But this is life right? Moving on, moving up. I've got my Beard. I've got my Glen Coco. Everything is going to be great. :) 

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  1. So excited for you guys! That will be great! Getting out of the home ward is definitely a bonus! It was great to see you guys the other night. I know it sounds dumb and everyone says it and nothing happens, but we really should hang out. I think Jake and the Beard would really get along.