Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Manic Mondayz

Having all summer off, and then two weeks of no Mondays (first week of school and then Labor Day), I had forgotten how bad Mondays can suck. It even starts to hurt on Sunday morning when I realize my weekend is basically over. I have to make some adjustments to make Mondays do-able, what with my exhaustion, 200 grumbly 13 year olds, and a whole week of whining ahead of me (I still love it by the way).

I start by planning a new outfit that I'm excited about. It makes me feel better about climbing out of bed. This Monday I wore my new red pants - snagged at H&M for 30% off during Fashion's Night Out (blog post still pending).

I indulge in a little "treat yo self!" Sometimes I get a smoothie on the way to work. Sometimes I'll get an extra Diet Coke from the gas station during lunch. Sometimes I'll sneak a treat into my desk for that lull between 5th & 6th period. I'd never survive otherwise.

I try to exercise on Mondays. I shoot for 3 days a week, sometimes more, but I always try to make one of those days a Monday. I find it helps me to reset my sleep schedule that I completely screwed up over the weekend, and it just sets my week off in a great productive manner.

FHE! Don't get me wrong. We don't really do FHE, although we should. We try to set up Classy Dinner Parties (CDPs) as we call them, with our married friends for Monday nights whenever possible. It always keeps me excited all day long. Next week is soup in breadbowls and making caramel apples with the Findeis'.

Monday night we went to Happy Sumo with my family to celebrate the Beard and Mitch's birthdays! Mitch turns the big 18 on Saturday. Can you believe it? Most people think he's already 18, and he certainly acts it. This kid is as athletic as Brooke, smarter than me and cooler {taller} than both of us. He's the kind of kid who does the right thing because he wants to, not because anyone tells him or expects him to. I can't wait to judge and scare off all the girls that swarm him when he gets back from his mission in 3 (!) years. He's one of my best friends and I just love him so much.

Look how good looking my 2/3 favorite guys are? (Ed Budge not pictured, but also good looking.) Yes, this is how the Beard takes pictures. You should all be more thoroughly impressed with our engagement photos now.

Happy Birthday boys!

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