Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sleepy Morning Products

I love getting ready in the mornings. I love it. The Beard and I fight about it every Sunday before church (the only time we are getting ready around the same time).

"Ryan! Get up! It's your turn to shower. We're gonna be late!"

"You are still in there!"

"I'm waiting for you to come get in!"

"I'm not getting out of bed until you are done in there."

"I will literally spend as much time getting ready as you allow me."

"That's retarded."

The Beard has a brisk 20 minute routine from waking up to being ready. Everyday. It's not quite that simple for me. I COULD get ready in 20. Easily. But I don't always. On a lazy Sunday, getting ready for date night, or any time where I am not in a rush I love to spend extra time on my routine. It's so zen and therapeutic.

Well this year, my commute increased from 5 minutes to 30. My school starts 10 minutes earlier. So now I don't have the luxury of rolling out of bed 15 minutes before school starts. Hence, my routine has changed, and I have some new beauty products to prove it.

First, I'm slightly embarrassed but also pleased by my first beauty discovery. I originally bought it for the Beard at his request. One morning I was running late and needed to wash my hair. The Beard's Pert Moisture 2 in 1 Shampoo/Conditioner. This is blasphemy for a girl who has used her mom's Paul Mitchell products her entire life.

Later that day I found myself running my fingers through my hair over and over. It was soft. It was shiny. And dare I say, it was sleek? Wow, Pert 2-in-1. You changed everything.

Garnier Anti-Dark Circle roller is pretty fun to use. Dark circles are my big beauty problem, and I've never found a product that works 100% for me. This product is pretty sweet because the metal ball feels cold and soothing, which helps to wake up my eyes. It goes on light and sheer, which is great because I can't stand heavy products. It definitely improves my circles and looks natural, but I still layer a tiny bit of concealer over it.

In an effort to distract from my dark circles and make me look fresh and awake, color in my face is necessary. I used to love Maybelline's Dream Mousse, but now it's the bouncy blush and it SUCKS. I've upgraded to L'Oreal creme blush. Unfortunately more expensive, but I like it better. It's a bigger pot, less shimmer and blends even easier. I'm in love.

Highlighter eyeshadow is the quickest and easiest part of my routine. I brush Mary Kay's Crystalline or Spun Silk under my brow, on the inner corner of my eye, and directly under my pupil on the lower lid to open my eyes up.

No way am I waking up early to wash and blow out my hair every day. No way. Too lazy. Plus my hair is super clean, rarely oily and can go days without washing. My new favorite? Dry Shampoo. I thought it was only for oily scalps. Turns out its a saving grace for me, and flat-haired girls everywhere. I love the Suave Keratin kind. Cheap and necessary.

My weekly routine now is to give myself a real live, careful, sectioned blowout. Not just blasting my whole head until it's dry, but the real deal (great directions here). This way, my clean hair looks a million percent better and lasts longer. I usually do this on a Saturday or Sunday. By Tuesday my hair starts to look limp, so I pump it up with dry shampoo along my part, in my bangs and wherever I need volume.

Wednesday or Thursday I'll rock a bun or pony as my hair gets dirtier. I'll wash my hair at night and put rollers in it in the morning, or wash it quick (Thanks Pert!) and twist it damp into a low chignon.

I can sleep as late as 6 am and still get ready, take out Glen and double check all my crap to cruise out the door at 6:45. Thank the lord for beauty products.

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  1. hahaha 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner?! What?! haha never thought to try this, but it just might have to be in my next shopping cart. Also I'm in LOVE with dry shampoo. I have a travel one I take to work just in case. :)