Friday, January 25, 2013

Work It

This is my inspiration for a project to be completed this weekend. Or next weekend. Or soon....

We have nice little Ikea desks, plenty of pictures and shiz to hang, even sparkly little lights.

Fingers crossed I'll get it done soon and I'll update with some photos when I do. Any hanging/mounting tips and tricks will be appreciated.

Super hoping having a cute little workspace will make me more productive. Now, how to be productive enough to make a workspace to make me productive...


  1. So please don't laugh. But if you have pictures that have 2 places to hook/mount, use a paper towel or tissue paper to mark the spacing on the picture. Then put the paper/tissue up on the wall. It's so convenient! Then you can hammer through it and get your spacing just right! It helps with getting things straight too! It's saved us so much time especially with the long Lack shelves we have from Ikea. Good luck! I freakin' love your blog. And you. In a non-crazy way.

  2. I can't wait to see what you create!! Oh yeah I heard the same thing works with a piece of tape in between holes then you tape it on to the wall. Some people are genius I tell you.