Sunday, January 27, 2013

Smells Like Teen Spirit... Ew.

On Wednesday night my little (tall) brother competed in the Mr. Maple Mountain pageant. He was hilarious.

His catchphrase is "AMERICA!" He just shouts/whimpers/whines it all the time and it's kind of become his thing. He rented a Captain America suit from Taylormade, my adorable sister in law Haley helped him make a Captain America shield cake.

He wore the most disgusting and awesome silk Savers jacket, covered in American Flags, open and flowing for his 80's number of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" for the talent portion. Hilarious. Inspired by this:

He won the "Best Dancer" award for his enthusiastic moves during the opening dance. Super proud of that. He's so much fun and he did a great job using his humor to drive the whole competition. What a kid.

That kid is also checking off his mission interview with the bishop this week, with the Stake President interview close to follow. Yikes. Let's not talk about it anymore. Instead here's what I wore. (Anybody wanna peanut? Get it?)

I went with high waist trouser jeans which I am currently addicted to, forest green peplum, and purple heels for the jewel tone vibe. I guess. Trying to listen to some reader's feedback and post more outfit photos even though we are photography n00bs.

 We had a great time supporting Mitch and running into my students from last year, ending the night with the worst service of all time at IHOP. Literal quote:

"Ok, I think I still have some toast coming?" - my mom after waiting 40+ minutes for an omelette

"Oh yeah it's coming. The cook is new." - waiter that sucked/tried to impress us by mentioning he does Crossfit.

"What? So new he can't even make TOAST?!" - me, not waiting long enough for the waiter to walk away.

My bad.

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  1. hahaha oh my gosh that video was hilarious!! I had class that night so I didnt get to see him preform his talent! please tell me someone took a video of it!!