Friday, February 1, 2013

A Plea to February

February, I could not be happier to see you.

I don't want to say January was completely awful.

But wasn't it?

So here's the deal, February. Here's what I'm looking for so that we can be friends.

- Sunshine. Even just a little. At least every other day. I'm not picky. But inversion? GTFO.
- Melt all the disgusting snow that's been on the ground since Christmas. Put it out of its cold, frozen misery.
- It's Black History Month, so I'm hoping to hear a whole lotta Morgan Freeman narration. 
- An awesome Superbowl Party with our besties the Findeis on Sunday
- The Walking Dead comes back February 10. February needs some gore.
-  A lovely Valentines day to celebrate the love in our lives.
- A 3-day St. George Baseball weekend. What's up 60+ degrees?!
- Harry Potter audiobooks for said trip. The Beard is getting the education of a lifetime in all things Harry Potter
- The Beard has a new job and things are looking great. We're talking evenings and even weekends together. Weird.
- Ward Basketball Regionals! My team is pretty baller. February, I'm counting on you to protect me from these crazy old ladies' "defense" (as I type with a strained and blood-blistered finger. Thanks Carol.)

So here's to you, February. Do me right. 


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