Sunday, March 17, 2013

I Put the "Dance" in Abundance Mentality

Over the last week, I got kind of nervous because we had all of a sudden booked  our week like we were single again - friends, family, appointments and funtivities every night. For some reason I've started this trend where I plan a couple of activities a week and try to leave other nights wide open - then I end up canceling my activities anyway out of... what? Laziness mostly. Fatigue. Fear that I won't be cool or have fun. Selfishness.

Instead, I accepted all of these funtivities and plans because I've been in excellent spirits (due to this fantastic weather, fun developments at school and the planning of a Vegas spring break trip next week - woot!) and I decided I should try to have the "abundance mentality" I liked so much in 7 Habits by Steven Covey.

The Abundance Mentality says that you shouldn't live like you have limited resources, a finite amount of energy or only a few spots in our heart for love and close friends. You should live like you have plenty of love, energy and time - especially for others. You find as you love more and more, you end up with more love to give and receive. You end up with more energy and more friends. More LIFE.

So when the Holdaway's called us to meet them at Culvers in AF for dinner when I'd just returned home sweaty and exhausted from a particularly awesome workout (post coming later this week) I was tempted to pass - but we went and it was awesome. I even came home with a new JCrew pencil skirt and striped sweater for $45. Yahtzee.

Also - Can we talk about how awesome the Traverse Mountain Outlets are? These are the bathrooms. They are nicer than my entire house - and bigger. And I secretly want a big floppy hat so I can pretend to be a celebrity at the pool this summer. Does anyone have one of these? Worth it?

Post-workout shopping - A Millenium Falcon t-shirt - Target, hoodie - Pac Sun, jeans - F21, high top sneakers - Forever Young shoes, hat - JCrew

When I was sore and tired from getting home late, knowing that our team was going to forfeit either way, I wanted to ditch my regional tournament bball game. The whole season our ward barely scraped 5 people together to play - but we made it to the regional tournament after sweeping the stake. Two of our women got hurt playing and we forfeited our first tournament game. But I showed up anyway. It was just me and my baller friend Brei - so we forfeited as predicted. But the other team had 8 girls and wanted to scrimmage so we got to play anyway! And we had an awesome time - and an awesome workout. Rewarded.

Wednesday we had a CDP with the Ashby's and made some of the most delicious tacos and guacamole and berry cobbler this state has ever seen. After stuffiing ourselves, Katie and I planned.... wait for it...... A giveaway! Check out my post tomorrow morning to enter!

Thursday was our one night to hunker down and relax. Which means popcorn, cuddling with Glen Coco and NBC shows. Are you serious Ann Perkins? Who is your hairstylist? And is anyone else insanely weirded out by the sperm donor situation?

These two

Friday was one of our beloved date nights with our besties the Findeis'. We met for dinner at our favorite Italian joint in Salt Lake - Tucci's. Wow. We ended up talking so long we missed our planned movie - Don't Stop Believing - that documentary about the Fillipino guy who joins Journey. Instead we went shopping at City Creek (a new Boston hat for Ryan, tons of spring essentials for me) and watched "Thank You For Smoking" back at our place. Man we love them.

Saturday morning I was tempted to lay in bed and just read all morning/day/evening always. But I didn't! I pushed myself to make use of my time. I slept in, mind you. But I got up, hit the gym, library and Sonic - of course. I had my protein shake and then we cleaned up our house! Chores! Can you believe it!

 Breakfast of Champions: Vanilla-Honey Greek yogurt with honey flax granola and blueberries, a protein shake and a 44 oz. Diet Dr. Pepper. 

 The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell and 1776 by David MuCullough

Saturday night we had another CDP with Caroline (newly returned from INDIA yikes) and her boyfriend Martin, with a guest appearance from our other high school BFF - Mckensie. Plenty of glory days-ing, gossiping and catching up.

What an awesome week. Am I tired? A little. But this abundance mentality thing is pretty freaking awesome. Give it a try. It definitely paid off for me. Get your hands on "Seven Habits for Highly Effective People" and your world will change.

Stay tuned this week for a giveaway, Workout Wednesday, the creepiest thing about me and more #JuniorHighProbs.

Thanks for reading! Love you all.


  1. From that list, I can safely say the thing I am most looking forward to reading about is the creepiest thing about you. Does that make me creepy. Probs. Do I care? Not so much.

  2. Glad you had a fun week. I'll be excited to see this week's posts!

  3. I'm DYING for a floppy hat too but I'm nervous about looking ridiculous. Let's both get one and wear them to Seven Peaks all summer?!

  4. My mom has always been really good at having an abundance attitude. I think it makes a person more enjoyable to be around because they aren't thinking about how much they can get out of everything/everyone around them. It sounds like you had an especially fun week with the intentional positive attitude! Also, get the hat. You can pull it off.

  5. I got a floppy hat for my vegas trip last summer...I am so into floppy hats! You HAVE to get one!!