Monday, March 18, 2013

Twentysix Eleven Giveaway Extraordinaire!

Finally. Black with a Chance of Cheetah is coming of age. In the blogger world that means having a giveaway, or so I'm told. 

My dear crafty friend Katie has recently opened an Etsy shop and loaded it up with super cute home decor and personalized subway art. She is offering one lucky reader credit to her shop - Twentysix Eleven - for a free piece of subway art! She has tons of great options from romantic script to inspiring quotes.

So onto the giveaway. To enter, leave a comment for each of the following that you complete:
Remember to leave your email in your comments so Miss Katie can contact you. 

This giveaway will run through Friday! 

Can't wait to finally reward my readers for putting up with my boring snarkiness. Katie is giving all Black with a Chance of Cheetah readers 25% off their orders for putting up with me.  Use coupon code CHEETAH25. Yahtzee. 

I appreciate you all one subway art-s worth. 


  1. Ok Danica, I'm going to stop lurking and leave a comment on your blog, which I love to read, by the way. My favorite print is the "Be Kind" quote; I like the mix of fonts.

  2. And I liked Twentysix Eleven on FB. And if you'll tell me how to use Bloglovin, I'll do that too:-)

  3. I'd like some fancy subway art too! Did I win?

  4. My favorite print is the Subway Art Minimalist Print: Be Kind.

  5. Look at you! A giveaway! I'm so proud of you. Ok, I did everything but follow Katie's cute blog - I must be less tech-y than I thought I was, because I could not figure out how to follow it. Teach me, wise one! And as for my favorite print - love the "As Soon As I Saw You" one!

  6. Dang look at you go! This giveaway stuff is the real deal. You better believe I follow your blog!

  7. Yeah, so.. I narrowed it down to 4. That's the best I could do

    -With Glittering Eyes
    -Things Will Work Out
    -You are Enough