Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Expert Opinion on How The Office Will End

We've been pretty weepy round these parts due to the finale nearing (and by WE I mean I...).

I can't even talk about it without crying. I email Katie every day about what a wreck I am, and thank goodness she understands.

I know. It's good that it's ending. It has never been the same since Michael left and it peaked clear back in seasons 2-4. I know. I get it. But it's just been this huge part of me ever since the very beginning and I just don't know how I'm gonna get over it yet.

Anyways. I try to stay away from spoilers as much as possible, but here are my predictions for how it is going to end.

The wedding at the end will be Dwight/Angela. Michael will come back (I know deep down this can't happen but I also know deep down that it would make me happier than anything in the entire universe.) to be Dwight's best man.

If the wedding isn't Dwangela, it'll be Andy (because Josh Groban is coming back) and he'll have made it big and marry someone weird. I'm thinking bad reality TV.

Pam will realize how much Jim loves her and what a priority the family is and will help him follow his dream with Athlead. They'll be living in Philly or LA or something cool like that.

Oscar will have a super hot gay boyfriend.

Kevin will have met someone adorable and sweet, like Lynn!

Meredith will be pretty much Meredith.

Toby will be revealed as the Scranton Strangler. Or he will end up with Nellie (ugh).

Creed will be Creed. I think he will probably end up being secretly a millionaire or something. Fake his death, run off to Bermuda. That kind of thing.

Kelly will come back married to hot Ravi. Prego. Twins.

Ryan will have a beer belly and/or track marks. He'll be single and miserable. (Can you tell I hate Ryan?) Or he'll have some super annoying job like with an MLM or something.

Stanley will have retired and be on his next wife. Happy as a clam.

Erin and Pete will be together. Whatever. Who cares about them.

Darrell will be killing it with Athlead and have some hot athlete/model girlfriend.

Clark will have a notable amount of zingers and have some kind of run-in with Jan. Yesssssss.

I know Roy is supposed to be a guest star, so it's either going to have flashbacks or... it better be flashbacks.

I'm so sad to see this go. But I'm more glad that it's been a part of my life for these last 9 years. I don't know how I'll grieve or say goodbye yet. But I'm workin on it. :)


  1. No judgements on the crying. I totally cried with 30 Rock ended. And I still wont re-watch the season because I am too sad that it's actually over. If I don't acknowledge it, it didn't happen, right?


  2. Remember how you thought I was the Ryan of the LAO? I had no idea you hated me that much.

  3. This is hilarious! I'm a fan of the Office, too and will be interested to see how it ends this week.