Friday, May 10, 2013

Who Wears Short Shorts? Not me. Gross.

I'm having a love affair with these shorts. Praise you, St. George Gap outlet. I got them for less than $20 and I should have bought every single color.

Awkward photo brought to you by SnapClap - the app I'm still trying to figure out since The Beard HATES taking outfit photos more than losing to the Yankees. I'm serious. And that's a lot. 

I wanted to wear them the first possible day that I'd have a chance to sit in the sun - and I planned on going to Mitch's Senior Day game today. (Unfortunately didn't happen as the game wasn't at 3:30 as planned. booooo)

However, shorts on the job is generally frowned upon if you are a professional of any kind. Here's my take on dressing them up so you CAN wear them to work and still look semi-serious about your job. Even though we all know you're daydreaming about summer and looking up the beaches of Kauai on your breaks. Just me? Oh. Welllllll

Fancy up your shirt. A classic button down is the way to go. Black was my option because... it's in the name of my blog. I love black. Dressy chiffon blouses or shells work well too.

Belt it! A coordinating belt ties it together and makes it look intentional. Also I had to buy these shorts a size too big so they'd cover up my testimony, so I have to wear the belt or I look like I'm a gansta.

Class it up on the ground level. Shoes, I mean. Pointy stilettos and shorts is such a cool look (see below. Drool. Repeat). A little much for school though, so I wore my trusty black sandal wedges.

"Mrs. Holdaway! You're so tall!!!" Now they can see me coming when I try to sneak up and steal their cell phones. :(


  1. Cover up your testimony. LOL. :)

  2. When I worked in an office, I always wore shorts to work! In the cooler weather you just need some tights to dress them up. I think you did great making them look professional. I think in the warm weather, classing up shorts is all in the shoes.

  3. LOVE long shorts. And they are so hard to find, especially cause I'm soo tall and also need to cover my testimony ;)


  4. Such a cute the nautical feel!

    Short shorts