Tuesday, May 21, 2013

To Bangs or Not To Bangs

Every year since 2008 I've gone through this. I love bangs. I have wanted the chic, mod fringe ever since I was 14 or so. I have a super weird cowlick, though, so it wasn't until 2008 after a traumatic breakup that I worked up the courage to snip them.

(Dramatic hair changes and cookie dough are the best ways to get over a breakup in my opinion.)

Every spring I decide I'm sick of them. The cowlick gets out of hand, they won't fall straight, they won't cooperate, kill me now I'd rather be dead than deal with these FREAKING BANGS.

I'm paraphrasing and censoring, obviously.

Let the record show that I have no beef with the maintenance of bangs. I don't mind doing them every day. I DO mind the few occasions where they REFUSE to lie flat and instead create a gap on my forehead. See below. Ew. 

But then I start the dreaded process of growing them out. I feel like my face looks fatter. The cowlick is still my worst enemy. I hate the Lauren Conrad braiding back my bangs because it feel so 2007 to me. Headbands and bobby pins are a daily necessity, and I can't just blow my hair out because it looks flat - resulting in messy buns often (see below). I look ok about 30% of the time, I think.

So I'm asking for some help. My most trusted parties (The Beard and my mom) are split for bangs and no bangs, respectively.

What do you guys think? I'm sure I'll go back and forth a few hundred more times. But still - your opinion is valued here at Black with a Chance of Cheetah.

To Bangs?                                                             Or Not to Bangs?



  1. Ahhhh that is tough. I say BANGS. If you can pull it off (which you obviously can), go for it and do it for the rest of us who can't (but pretend that we can).

  2. I vote BANGS. Seriously, you pull them off so well.

  3. top left photo of you? ddg. drop dead gorgeous. you look so good with bangs, and i salute you for putting up with the maintenance. i can't do it! i vote for bangs.

  4. I've been going through the same trial! I finally started to grow mine out after a year and a half, and I love it. But then I look at old pictures and remember how my bangs automatically made everything look more polished and I get sad. But I also don't miss the awkward part from my own cowlick, or the constant cycle of acne on my forehead (that may have just been me). I wish it was possible to have bangs just a few days a week or something.

  5. I go through the exact same process...bangs for 3 or so months, no bangs for 6 or so months, over and over again. I also have a weird cowlick, but on the side of my forehead. And my hair is naturally curly so I have to straighten them every day. But, I'm kind of wishing I had bangs again at this point. I did during my wedding in August...now they're grown out again.
    And I agree with Jeanette...if only you could have bangs a few days a week at a time.

  6. BANGIN!!!!! Danica when given the opportunity always, always choose to bang.
    And your melt was perfection.

  7. You're so beautiful either way, but not many people can rock bangs and you so can. Go for it. :-). I'm new to your blog - I found it through Taylor's. It looks great! Check mine out if you get a chance. :-)

  8. Definitely do the bangs! You're hot no matter what, but they give you that extra oomph! But I'm in love with the top left picture, you are smokin' D!

  9. i think bangs! you look fabulous either way, but i'm always for sass when it comes to haircuts.