Monday, May 20, 2013

It's a 10 Can Day

I usually measure my days in how many cans of Diet Coke I need to get through it.

"Today was only a 1 can day! It was awesome!"

"Shoot me in the face. 4 can day today."

Today really isn't a 10 can day. But it feels precarious. For the last week I've been feeling a little like I'm barely keeping my head above water.

Not water. Quicksand. Quicksand filled with razor blades. And alligators.

Wow. That got very Tarantino very fast.

Every time I cross something off my big "To-Do List" (I actually have 4 different to-do lists, categorized in Evernote. Thank you Evernote. You keep me sane), I add at least 2 more to it.When I try to relax I feel guilty and when I try to do everything I feel futile.

Between End of Year lesson planning, school check-out, squirrelly excited kids, getting roped into planning half of girls camp, working on a secret surprise for Ed's 50th, required study for my Boston Seminar, research for my 30 page paper, planning for back to back Hawaii and Boston trips, playing on soccer and softball teams,  and staying on top of basics like laundry, dishes and exercise.... HELP.

Is this real life? Is this being an adult? Because it SUCKS.

It's not all bad. I have so many awesome things to look forward to - Mitch's Graduation and State Tournament games. It's getting warmer every day. Memorial Day Weekend (maybe in Sunny St. George?). Lagoon Day. School getting out. A trip to Hawaii. My Boston Seminar.

But today with the cozy rain, my cuddly puppy and a to-do list begging to be abandoned - all I'm doing is fantasizing about laying in bed and leisurely reading something that has nothing to do with school, a Masters program, a book club or girls camp. 

Instead I'm repeating this mantra. As I drink my 10 cans.


  1. Good luck on everything!

  2. HAHA "that got very Tarantino very fast". Love it. I'm all about using the good ol' DC to make it through a day. Currently doing it, as a matter of fact haha.Seriously though, good luck!